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Plutonic Lab
Birth name Leigh Ryan
Also known as Plutonic Lab
Origin Melbourne, Australia
Genres Hip hop, soul, electronic
Occupation(s) Producer
Years active 1995 –present
Labels Obese
Associated acts Muph & Plutonic, Pegz, Dialectrix, Milk Bar Stars, Macronauts, Madlock, Hilltop Hoods

Leigh Ryan, better known by the stage name Plutonic Lab or sometimes as Pluto, is an Australian music producer, drummer and DJ. He is best known for being part of the hip hop group and 2008 ARIA Nominee Muph & Plutonic, as well as his production work on albums and EPs for Australian and international artists.

He produced two singles on Speech Debelle's album Speech Therapy, which won a 2009 Mercury Prize, and is a solo artist and tour drummer for Australian hip hop group Hilltop Hoods.

Early life and career[edit]

Plutonic Lab began drumming at the age of 10 and performing shows at 14. He obtained an honours degree in Sound Design/Media Arts from RMIT University, studying under Australian film composer/artist Philip Brophy and sound artist Phillip Samartzis.[citation needed]

In 1995 he produced the album "Mystery Shkool" for his group Macronauts on CD and Cassette & two beat tapes, Tri Chromes and M.O.S., in 1998 under his own label, Plutonic Lovely. In 2001, he released his first solo album, Give Me Sabotage Shell, followed by Collision of Days in 2004, both released on Nuff Said Records. His third solo album, Codes Over Colours, was released in 2005 on Obese Records.

His most recent solo release, a remix EP titled Midnight on Pluto, was released in 2006.

Muph & Plutonic and Milk Bar Stars[edit]

Main article: Muph & Plutonic

Plutonic Lab provided production on More Than Music, the second album by Dan Young (better known by the stage name Muphin) released in 2003. As a result of their collaboration on the album, the duo formed the partnership Muph & Plutonic in 2004.[1] Muph & Plutonic have released three albums to date: Hunger Pains (2004), Silence the Sirens (2006) and And Then Tomorrow Came (2008).

Plutonic Lab and Muph also toured nationally in 2005, together with DJ Bonez and Obese Records boss Pegz, under the collective name Milk Bar Stars.[2]

Plutonic and G-Love[edit]

Plutonic Lab collaborated with G-Love to produce the album Moonshine Lemonade, released in February 2011, under the name Plutonic and G-Love.[3]

G-Love said, of the collaboration:

"I've been making and mashing hip hop and blues for the last 20 years. With Moonshine Lemonade, I finally feel like I got it right. Pluto bought it out of me and that's that. I know people are gonna dig this cause I've been rocking it non-stop on my tour bus every freakin' night."[3][4]

Plutonic Lab said:

""I enjoyed all these recording methods, but what was most interesting though would be how an idea would be transformed by building each layer step by step and in a sense became a truly collaborative effort. We didn’t need to be in the same room. We were playing email ping pong, but In a way it’s like knowing how the movie is gonna end."[5][not in citation given]


Plutonic Lab has produced albums and EPs for many Australian hip hop artists on labels including Nuffsaid Records (collaborating over a number of years with Australian MC/producer Prowla) and Obese Records (including the label CEO Pegz).[6]

He has also produced beats on releases from Shawn Lov (USA), MC Tumi (South Africa), Karma and Esoteric (USA), Eternia (Canada) and Taskforce (UK).[citation needed]

He has performed shows in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. Opening for The Pharcyde, People Under The Stairs, Ozomatli, Mad Professor, Lee Scratch Perry, MC Supernatural, DJ Shadow, Money Mark, Hilltop Hoods, The Next Men, Mr Lif, Cage, Swollen Members, Braintax & Mystro, Lupe Fiasco, El-P, Tricky, The Streets and events including Cockatoo Island Festival, Obese Block Party, Pyramid Rock Festival, Falls Festival, Big Day Out, Groovin' the Moo, Golden Plains Festival, Splendour in the Grass and Good Vibrations Festival.[citation needed]

Plutonic Lab was voted 'Best Producer' three years running (2004, 2005, 2006) on Australian Hip- Hop community site[citation needed]

All three Muph & Plutonic Albums & Pegz "Axis" LP obtained 'Feature Album' status on Australian national broadcaster Triple J.[citation needed]

His third LP "Codes Over Colours" was a featured album on Melbourne's 3RRR radio,[citation needed] and on other independent radio programs nationally.[which?]

In 2008 The Album "And Then Tomorrow Came" was nominated for an ARIA.[citation needed] The album also landed two songs in Triple J Hottest 100, 2009.[citation needed]

Speech Debelle's "Speech Therapy" LP won UK's Mercury Prize in 2009,[7] for which Plutonic Lab produced two singles.[citation needed]

His music has also been featured in film and television including HBO's series Girls, TNT's series Franklin & Bash, and the feature films X, Noel Clarke's and Chronicle.[citation needed]

He also produced Neon Heartache,[citation needed] the debut album of Jess Harlen, who was named best female artist in The Age's EG Awards in 2010.[8]


Solo albums[edit]

Album title Release date Label Format
Tri Chromes (beat tape) 1998 Plutonic Lovely Cassette
M.O.S. (beat tape) 1998 Plutonic Lovely Cassette
Give Me Sabotage Shell 2001 Nuffsaid CD/vinyl
Collision of Days 2004 Nuffsaid CD/vinyl
Codes Over Colours 2005 Obese CD/vinyl
Midnight on Pluto (remix EP) 2006 Obese Vinyl
Give Me Sabotage Shell (Extended/Remastered) 2007 Shark Repellent CD
Collision of Days (Extended/Remastered) 2007 Shark Repellent CD
Submariner (7" EP) 2013 LWP Vinyl
Deep Above The Noise (2x12" LP) 2016 Wax Museum Records Vinyl



Artist Album title Release date Label
Macronauts Mystery Shkool 1995 Plutonic Lovely
Prowla Lonewolf 2001 Nuffsaid
Plutonic Lab Give Me Sabotage Shell 2001 Nuffsaid
Muphin More Than Music 2003 Obese
Pegz Capricorn Cat 2003 Obese
Shawn Lov The Blackout of 1977 2004 Nuffsaid
Plutonic Lab Collision of Days 2004 Nuffsaid
Muph & Plutonic Hunger Pains 2004 Obese
Pegz Axis 2005 Obese
Plutonic Lab Codes Over Colours 2005 Obese
Omni Batterie 2006 BLX
Muph & Plutonic Silence the Sirens 2006 Obese
Ivens Sounds to Expire to 2007 EcoTone
Lotek Go 2007 2–99 Records
Pegz Burn City 2007 Obese
Bias B Beestrumentals 2007 Obese
Muph & Plutonic ...And Then Tomorrow Came 2008 Obese
Speech Debelle Speech Therapy 2009 Big Dada
Gully Platoon The Great Divide 2009 Obese
Jess Harlen Neon Heartache 2010 Plethora
Dialectrix Audio Projectile 2010 Obese
Plutonic & G Love Moonshine Lemonade 2011 Inertia
Jess Harlen Park Yard Slang 2012 Plethora
Dialectrix The Cold Light of Day 2013 Obese
Plutonic Lab Submariner 2013 LWP
Plutonic Lab Fieldnotes - Hong Kong 2016 Fieldnotes Project
Plutonic Lab Deep Above The Noise 2016 Wax Museum Records

Singles and EPs[edit]

Artist Title Release date Label
Pegz (as Pegasus) Pegasus (12") 2001 Obese
Prowla The Great Rescue (EP) 2002 Nuffsaid
Tumi A Dream Led To This (EP) 2002 Nuffsaid
Taskforce & Pegz 12 Apostles (12") 2002 Obese
Karma Top Shelf (12") 2002 Nuffsaid
Eternia & A-Love Movin (12") 2003 Warner
Shawn Lov Dewitt (12") 2004 Nuffsaid
Black Samurai Kill Em All (EP) 2004 C Side (UK)
Muph & Plutonic Heaps Good (12") 2004 Obese
Pegz Chechen Gorilla (12") 2005 Obese
Pegz Back Then (12") 2005 Obese
Plutonic Lab The Waiting (12") 2005 Obese
Hilltop Hoods The Hard Road (12") 2006 Obese
Ivens The 9th Letter (12") 2007 EcoTone
Muph & Plutonic The Day Off (7") 2007 Obese
Muph & Plutonic "Size of the Soul" (Promo CD single) 2008 Obese
Muph & Plutonic "Beautiful/Ugly" (Promo CD single) 2008 Obese
Speech Debelle The Key (CD single) 2009 Big Dada
Speech Debelle Better Days (CD single) 2009 Big Dada
Jess Harlen Watch the Water (CD single) 2010 Plethora
Jess Harlen I Go (CD single) 2010 Plethora
Dialectrix New Generation (CD single) 2012 Obese
Dialectrix Go (Digital single) 2013 Obese
Plutonic Lab Look Alive ft. Dialectrix (7") 2013 Shark Repellent
Plutonic Lab The Crib ft. Guilty Simpson (7") 2016 Wax Museum Records
Plutonic Lab Sliced Bread ft. Notes To Self BBRC (Digital Single) 2016 Wax Museum Records

Tracks on other albums[edit]

Album title Artist Track Release date Label
Evolutionary Vibes 2 Macronauts "Atstrue" (remix) 1997 Creative Vibes
4 Element Effect Plutonic Lab "Evidence" 1998 183
Rock Da City Plutonic Lab "Slipping into Darkness" 1999 Nuffsaid
Madlock "Madlock"
Sounds Like Left Plutonic Lab "Mental Big Gun" (remix) 2001 Sony (Asia)
12 Apostles Pegz & Task Force "True to tha Art" (vocal)
"True to tha Art" (instrumental)
2001 Obese
Stealth Issue 2 Vol 3 Plutonic Lab "Glory Days" 2001 Stealth
Top Fashion Dolphin (EP) Plutonic Lab "Mental Big Gun" 2002 C Side (UK)
Tumi "The Inner View"
Culture of Kings Vol 2 A-Love "Petty" 2002 Obese
Obese City Plutonic Lab "Knowing Disintegration " 2002 Obese
Muphin "Tape in a Green Case"
Other Worldly Fusions Plutonic Lab & RuCL "Runnin Hot" 2002 Hardware
Top Shelf Karma featuring Esoteric "Top Shelf" (vocal)
"Top Shelf" (instrumental)
2002 Nuffsaid
Karma "Art of War" (vocal)
"Art of War" (instrumental)
Strait From The Art Vol 1 Eternia & A-Love "Movin" 2003 Warner
Diggin Deep Muphin "Smart Risk, Big Benefit" 2003
Culture of Kings Vol 3 Pegz "Tins of Beans" 2004 Obese
Building With Bricks Volume 2 Karma "Art of War" 2004 Brick
Descore Breakfast News (Main Title)
100 Forms of Happiness[clarification needed]
2004 Sound Punch
15.OZ Vinyl Muphin "Smoke Stained" 2004 Crookneck
JJJ Hip Hop Show Muph & Plutonic "Heaps Good" 2005
MC Que "Waters Breakin"
Home And Hosed – Ripe and Ready Muph & Plutonic "Heaps Good" 2005
Trampled: Remix (EP) (Elefant Traks) Hermitude "Nightfalls Messenger" (remix) 2006 Obese
Been There Done That Bias B featuring Billy Bunks "Bundle of Bees" 2007 Obese
The Signal Urthboy "We Get Around" (Plutonic remix) 2007 Elefant Tracks
More or Less Resin Dogs featuring Mika 9, Aceyalone and Abstract Rude "Coming With the Sound" (Plutonic Lab mix) 2009 Hydrofunk Records/MGM
Cover Up Motel TZU "Get Up" (Plutonic Lab remix) 2009 Liberation
Beatz International Tor "Pushin It" 2009 File Records (Japan)/UK Streetsounds (UK)

Battle vinyl[edit]

Artist Title Date Details
DJ Perplex DMC Battle Wax 2008 Various production beats and elements
DJ Perplex DMC Battle Wax 2009 Various production beats and elements


Title Director Notes
Hot Wet Dot: 16mm Skate Film Jo Harrison
Molotow Masters: Graffiti Series Jo Harrison
Words in My Mouth Voices in My Head, No 1 Anna Phillip Brophy Screened at ACMI Melbourne, 2004
Burn David Selvarajah Vadiveloo Nominated for AFI Best Short Fiction Film award, 2009


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