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Coat of arms
Country Czech Republic
Region Ústí nad Labem
District Louny
Commune Podbořany
Elevation 320 m (1,050 ft)
Coordinates 50°13′34″N 13°24′38″E / 50.22611°N 13.41056°E / 50.22611; 13.41056Coordinates: 50°13′34″N 13°24′38″E / 50.22611°N 13.41056°E / 50.22611; 13.41056
Area 60.12 km2 (23.21 sq mi)
Population 6,399 (2011-01-01)
Density 106 / km2 (275 / sq mi)
First mentioned 1369
Mayor Radek Reindl
Timezone CET (UTC+1)
 - summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 438 01 - 441 01
Location in the Czech Republic
Location in the Czech Republic
Wikimedia Commons: Podbořany
Statistics: statnisprava.cz
Website: www.podborany.net

Podbořany (Czech pronunciation: [ˈpodbor̝anɪ]; German: Podersam) is a town in the Czech Republic in the province of Bohemia. Primarily agricultural, the surrounding area is known for producing hops. Franz Kafka spent several months in convalescence in the nearby village of Siřem after tuberculosis was diagnosed.


The oldest finds of residence of the area dates back to Neolithic times. On a nearby hill, Rubin was probably a mythical Slavic settlement Wogastisburg which 631 or 632 years was the battle between the king and ruler Dogobertem Sam. The first written mention of the village dates back to 1369 years. November 11, 1575 years Podbořany received city rights. Until 1960 the area was connected to Karlovarskiego.Po 1960, was annexed to the area Podbořany Louny, and then to Chomutov, Karlovy Vary and Plzeň North, Rakovník.[1]

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