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Podcasting in India is at a very nascent stage,[when?] despite the fact that the nation has a large number of active bloggers. In 2006, there were approximately 3000 Indian podcasters[1], offering programmes in English, Hinglish and various other Indian languages, predominantly Tamil. Many of the current Indian podcasts cater to the NRI community as podcasting inside India is still on the rise.[1] The site India Podcast Network and an article on Rocking Entrepreneur has a list of some of the podcasts that are produced in India.

The music app Saavn launched an original programming network in April 2016, featuring storytellers and an original production along the lines of American podcast Serial covering the Aarushi murder case.[2]

Audiomatic, which launched in April 2015, was India's first podcast network.[citation needed] It offers varied programming, with topics ranging from science, culture and food to current affairs and comedy[2]. Tubelight Podcasts is another podcasting service which create podcasts specially designed for Indian audience. Some of the podcast networks that have begun operations in 2015 include Indus Vox Media, Kamakshi Media LLP, and SiyaWoman. Majority of the podcasts in India focus on content that based on cricket, politics, Bollywood or general entertainment. Podcasts on Entrepreneurship form another large segment, with over 10 podcasts that are in this category. Some niche podcasts such as MyKitaab (book Publishing in India) and Baalgatha (Children's Bedtime stories) receive limited but very engaged listenership. Indus Vox Media has recently partnered with Saavn for distribution of some of its podcasts.

Looking at the interest in the podcasting space in India, Audioboom, a UK based podcast distribution company, began operations in India in early 2016.

In 2017, podcast training sessions have started in Mumbai and Delhi.


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