Politics of the Business

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Politics of the Business
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 6, 2003
GenreHip hop
LabelRazor & Tie
ProducerPrince Paul
Prince Paul chronology
A Prince Among Thieves
Politics of the Business
Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[2]
Blender2/5 stars[3]
Rolling Stone3/5 stars[7]

Politics of the Business is the third album by American hip hop producer Prince Paul. This album is considered to be a concept album similar to A Prince Among Thieves. The concept for this album, however, is the concept of following-up a concept album that did not sell too well (that album being A Prince Among Thieves). The album features guest appearances from Ice-T, DJ Jazzy Jeff, MF Doom, Biz Markie, Chuck D, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and more.

Track listing[edit]

Track listing
# Title Composer(s) Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1 "A Day in the Life" P. Huston
D. Chappelle
B. Thompson
Bel Thompson (voice)
Dave Chappelle (voice)
Prince Paul 1:37
2 "Popmaster Intro" P. Huston Popmaster (voice) Prince Paul 0:51
3 "Make Room" P. Huston
E. Sermon
J. Phillips
S. Scott
Erick Sermon (rap)
Mally G (rap)
Sy Scott (rap)
Ryan McKnite (vocals)
Starr Struk (vocals)
Prince Paul 3:40
4 "The Drive By" P. Huston Bimos (voice)
Ryan McKnite (voice)
Prince Paul 2:01
5 "So What" P. Huston
D. Clear
J. Long
C. Mann
Masta Ace (rap)
Pretty Ugly (rap)
Kokane (vocals)
Prince Paul 4:44
6 "Drama Queen" P. Huston
D. Jolicoeur
S. Preston
Dave (rap)
Truth Enola (rap)
Jonene Nelson (vocals)
Prince Paul 4:51
7 "Not Tryin' To Hear That/Words (Album Leak)" P. Huston
K. Elam
J. Green
Guru (rap)
Planet Asia (rap)
DJ A. Vee (scratches)
Wordsworth (rap)
Prince Paul 2:49
8 "Politics of the Business" P. Huston
C. Ridenhour
T. Marrow
Chuck D (voice)
Ice-T (voice)
Prince Paul 1:43
9 "Crhyme Pays/Ralph Nader" P. Huston
J. Tineo
L. Fernandez
R. Smith
J. Hernandez
The Beatnuts (rap)
Tash (rap)
Tony Touch (rap)
Starr Struk (vocals)
Biz Markie (voice)
Mr. Len (voice)
Prince Paul 4:32
10 "What I Need" P. Huston
J. Harrow
T. Martin
Kardinal Offishall (rap)
Sly Boogy (rap)
Prince Paul 3:59
11 "Princepaulonline.com/The Word" P. Huston Austin (voice)
Carolyn Williams (voice)
Chris Rock (voice)
DJ Jazzy Jeff (voice)
Jonene Nelson (voice)
The Lord Pink Velour (voice)
Mr. Len (voice)
Prince Paul Jr. (voice)
DJ Premier (voice)
Jonene Nelson (voice)
Prince Paul 1:44
12 "Controversial Headlines AKA Champion Sound, Pt. 1/My Bookie" P. Huston
R. Hamilton
R. Lewis
Horror City (rap) Prince Paul 6:02
13 "Beautifully Absurd" P. Huston
K. Alyn
W. Felton
W. Ellington Felton (vocals)
DJ A. Vee (scratches)
K'Alyn (guitar)
Jennifer Birsamyn Nuenafe (violin)
Prince Paul 5:23
14 "Controversial Headlines AKA Champion Sound, Pt. 2" P. Huston
R. Hamilton
R. Lewis
T. Ibrahim
Horror City (rap)
Jean Grae (rap)
Prince Paul 2:16
15 "Chubb Rock Please Pay Paul His $2200 You Owe Him (People, Places, and Things)" P. Huston
D. Dumile
R. Simpson
V. Johnson
Chubb Rock (rap)
MF Doom (rap)
Wordsworth (rap)
Prince Paul
DJ A. Vee
Harry Allen
Mr. Len
16 "A Life in the Day"/
"Crhyme Pays" [Original Mix]/
"The Way My Life Seems"
P. Huston
J. Tineo
L. Fernandez
R. Smith
J. Hernandez
Dave Chappelle (voice) [A]
The Beatnuts (rap) [B]
Tash (rap) [B]
Tony Touch (rap) [B]
Black Ice (rap) [C]
The Pharcyde (rap) [C]
Prince Paul 14:51


Producer(s) Prince Paul, DJ A. Vee, Harry Allen, Mr. Len
Executive Producer(s) Prince Paul
Lead vocals and rapping Erick Sermon, Mally G, Sy Scott, Ryan McKnite, Starr Struk, Masta Ace, Pretty Ugly, Kokane, Dave, Truth Enola, Guru, Planet Asia, The Beatnuts, Tash, Tony Touch, Kardinal Offishall, Sly Boogy, Horror City, W. Ellington Felton, K'Alyn, Jean Grae, Chubb Rock, MF Doom, Wordsworth
Additional and background vocals Bel Thompson, Dave Chappelle, Popmaster, Bimos, Jonene Nelson, Wordsworth, Chuck D, Ice-T, Biz Markie, Mr. Len, Austin, Carolyn Williams, Chris Rock, DJ Jazzy Jeff, The Lord Pink Velour, Prince Paul Jr., DJ Premier
Instrumentation Jennifer Birsamyn Buenafe (violin), K'Alyn (guitar), DJ A. Vee (scratching)
Mixing Prince Paul
Engineering Prince Paul
Mastering Tom Coyne
Arranging Prince Paul


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