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Polk may refer to:


  • Albert Fawcett Polk (1869–1955), American lawyer and United States representative from Delaware
  • Antoinette Polk, Baroness de Charette (1847–1919), American Southern belle and French aristocrat by marriage
  • Aysia Polk (born 1990), American actress
  • Benjamin Polk (1916–2001), American designer and architect
  • Carlos Polk (born 1977), American retired National Football League player
  • Charles Polk, Jr. (1788–1857), American farmer and politician
  • Chris Polk (born 1989), American football running back
  • DaShon Polk (born 1977), American football player
  • Doug Polk (born 1988), American professional poker player
  • Elias Polk (1806-1886), American slave and political activist
  • Ezekiel Polk (1747–1824), American surveyor, soldier, pioneer and grandfather to United States President James K. Polk
  • Frank Polk (1871–1943), American lawyer
  • George Polk (1913–1948), American journalist murdered in Greece
  • Hiram Polk (born 1936), American surgeon and thoroughbred horse racing enthusiast
  • James G. Polk (1896–1959), United States representative from Ohio
  • James H. Polk (1911–1992), American four-star general
  • James K. Polk (1795–1849), 11th President of the United States of America
  • Leonidas Polk (1806–1864), American bishop, Confederate general, planter, related to U.S. President James K. Polk
  • Leonidas Lafayette Polk (1837–1892), American farmer, journalist and political figure
  • Lucius Junius Polk (1802–1870), American politician and planter from Tennessee.
  • Lucy Ann Polk (1927–2011), American jazz singer
  • Oscar Polk (1899–1949), American actor
  • Ron Polk (born 1944), American college baseball coach
  • Rufus King Polk (1866–1902), United States representative from Pennsylvania
  • Sarah Childress Polk (1803–1891), wife of James K. Polk
  • Shawntinice Polk (1983–2005), American basketball player
  • Susan Polk (born 1957), American murderer
  • Tori Polk (born 1983), American long jumper
  • Trusten Polk (1811–1876), American governor, Confederate Army officer, and United States senator
  • Vanleer Polk (1858–1907), American politician from Tennessee
  • William Benjamin Polk (1930-2014), Illinois state representative
  • William Hawkins Polk (1815–1862), Tennessee congressman
  • William R. Polk (born 1929), foreign policy consultant, author
  • William Polk (colonel) (1758–1834), American Revolutionary War officer and bank president
  • Willis Polk (1867–1924), American architect best known for his work in San Francisco, California

First name[edit]

  • Polk Laffoon (1844–1906), American lawyer and U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  • Polk Miller (c. 1840–1913), American pharmacist, musician, and Confederate soldier
  • Polk Robison (1912–2008), American collegiate basketball and football coach and athletics administrator
  • Polk, a Paiute (Native American) chief (see Bluff War)



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