Pompeii (EP)

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Pompeii EP
Pompeii (EP) (Front Cover).png
EP by
ReleasedFebruary 28, 2007[1]
GenreIndie folk
LabelBa Da Bing!
Beirut chronology
Lon Gisland

Pompeii EP
Elephant Gun (EP)

Pompeii is an EP by Beirut, released in 2007. It features only the work of Zach Condon and pre-dates the Gulag Orkestar debut album. While initially only available exclusively through eMusic and Rough Trade Digital, it later could be found on iTunes and Amazon. At the moment it only can be found on eMusic. The album cover features Zach Condon (on the left) and his younger brother Ross Condon (on the right).

On the version that was traded through Amazon a third song called "Monna Pomona" could be found. The song can not be legally downloaded currently.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Zach Condon.

1."Fountains and Tramways"4:01
2."Napoleon on the Bellerophon"3:31
Total length:7:30
Amazon bonus track
3."Monna Pomona"2:11
Total length:9:41


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