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Pool may refer to:

Water pool[edit]

  • Swimming pool, a usually artificial container of water intended for swimming
  • Reflecting pool, a shallow pool designed to reflect a structure and its surroundings
  • Tide pool, a rocky pool on an ocean shore that remains filled with seawater when the tide goes out
  • Salt pannes and pools, a water retaining depression located within salt and brackish marshes
  • Plunge pool, a small, deep body of water
  • Stream pool, a quiet slow-moving portion of a stream
  • Spent fuel pool, a storage facility for used fuel rods from a nuclear reactor

Sports and gambling[edit]

  • Pool (cue sports), a group of games played on a pool table
  • Pool (poker) or pot (poker), money wagered during a single hand of poker
  • Pool betting or parimutuel betting, a betting system in which all bets of a particular type are placed together
    • Betting pool, a form of pool betting where gamblers pay a fixed price into a pool
  • Pool play or group stages, the round robin stage of many sporting championships
  • Singapore Pools, Singapore's sole legal lottery



United States[edit]



  • Pool (computer science), a set of initialised resources that are kept ready to use
  • Connection pool, a cache of database connections maintained by the database
  • Memory pool, a dynamic memory allocation method
    • Memory Pool System, a memory management system by Harlequin
  • Object pool pattern, a pattern to construct sets of initialised programming objects that are kept ready to use
  • Thread pool pattern, a programming method where a number of threads are created to perform a number of tasks





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