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November 28[edit]

1862 - Cane Hill - In this minor clash Union troops under James G. Blunt drove Confederates under John S. Marmaduke back into the Boston Mountains of northwestern Arkansas.

1864 - Buck Head Creek - The second battle of Sherman's March to the Sea, Judson Kilpatrick's cavalry division repulsed an attack by Confederate cavalry under Joseph Wheeler, but was forced to abandon its attempt to destroy railroads and rescue Union prisoners of war in Jenkins County, Georgia

November 29[edit]

1863 - Fort Sanders - In the decisive engagement of the Siege of Knoxville, assaults by Confederate James Longstreet failed to break through the defensive lines of Ambrose Burnside's Army of the Ohio, resulting in lopsided casualties

1864 - Spring Hill - John B. Hood's Army of Tennessee was unable to catch unsupported units of the Army of the Ohio in this prelude to the Battle of Franklin in Maury County, Tennessee

1864 - Sand Creek massacre - John Chivington's Colorado volunteers slaughter a camp of peaceful Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians under Black Kettle's American flag in Kiowa County, Colorado

November 30[edit]

1864 - Franklin - John Schofield's entrenched Army of the Ohio and Army of the Cumberland crush desperate frontal attacks by Hood's Army of Tennessee; five Confederate generals perish in the assaults

1864 - Honey Hill


December 1[edit]

1863 - Mine Run - Unable to find a weak spot in Lee's hastily constructed Rapidan River crossing defenses, the Army of the Potomac withdrew, ending the year's campaign in the Eastern Theater

December 2[edit]

December 3[edit]

1861 - Washington, D.C. - President Abraham Lincoln gave his first Annual Message to Congress: "The struggle of today, is not altogether for today---it is for a vast future also."

December 4[edit]

1864 - Waynesboro - Sherman's cavalry commander Judson Kilpatrick, supported by two brigades of infantry, defeated harassing Confederate cavalry led by Joseph Wheeler in Burke County, Georgia