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This section of the History portal uses the following layout template:

{{Portal:History/Did you know/Layout
| image =
| caption =
| text =
{{*mp}} ...that this ''(pictured)'' is a did you know?
{{*mp}} ...that this is the second did you know item?
{{*mp}} ...that this is the last did you know item?

You may add a new selection to the first available numbered subpage below; to display your new selection, you must then increment the max= parameter on this page's {{Random portal component}} on the portal itself. Each selection should contain eight historically relevant and interesting did you know selections, that have been through the DYK process; in its current form its elements consist of relevant hooks from the list of most popular hooks, organized by month. Remember to avoid systematic bias; give regional and topical balance by, for instance, limiting the amount of WWII-related hooks to one or two per selection.


Did you know 1

Portal:History/Did you know/1

Ghenadie detronatul mitropolit-primat.jpg

Did you know 2

Portal:History/Did you know/2

Stalinizm - proces Kurii Krakowskiej (1953).jpg

Did you know 3

Portal:History/Did you know/3

IJN carrier Amagi capsized off Kure in 1946.jpg

Did you know 4

Portal:History/Did you know/4

Tupolev Tu-142 Krivchikov 2007.jpg

Did you know 5

Portal:History/Did you know/5

Beak Doctor.jpg

Did you know 6

Portal:History/Did you know/6

HMS Doterel.jpg

Did you know 7

Portal:History/Did you know/7


Did you know 8

Portal:History/Did you know/8