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Pour le piano (For the piano), L.95, is a suite for solo piano by Claude Debussy. The composition was finished and issued in 1901.[1] Its premiere took place on 11 January 1902 in the Salle Érard for the Société Nationale de Musique, with Ricardo Viñes as the pianist.[1]

It consists of three parts:

  1. Prélude
  2. Sarabande
  3. Toccata

The prélude was dedicated to Debussy's student Mlle Worms de Romilly, who notes that the movement "tellingly evokes the gongs and music of Java".[1]

The sarabande which dates from the winter of 1894 originally belonged to the series of Images oubliées, underlined by the fact that both works were dedicated to Yvonne Lerolle.[1] This movement was later orchestrated by Maurice Ravel.[1]

The toccata was dedicated to Nicolas Coronio, another student of Debussy.[1]


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