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Poway High School

Coordinates: 32°59′53″N 117°01′30″W / 32.99806°N 117.02500°W / 32.99806; -117.02500
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Poway High School
15500 Espola Road


Coordinates32°59′53″N 117°01′30″W / 32.99806°N 117.02500°W / 32.99806; -117.02500
School typePublic
MottoFaithful Titans we will be through the years to you
EstablishedSeptember 1961; 62 years ago (1961-09)
School districtPoway Unified
SuperintendentMarian Kim-Phelps[1]
School code052533
PrincipalRichard Nash[2]
Grades9th12th grade
Enrollment2,233 (2022-23)[3]
Color(s)Emerald Green and Grey    
Fight songSons of Westwood
Athletics conferenceCIF
MascotTommy Titan
RivalRancho Bernardo High School
NewspaperThe Iliad
Feeder schools
  • Bernardo Heights Middle School[4]
  • Meadowbrook Middle School[4]
  • Twin Peaks Middle School[4]
WebsitePoway High School

Poway High School is a four-year secondary school in southern California accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Established in 1961, its approximately 2,408 students are from the city of Poway and the community of Rancho Bernardo in San Diego. The school has curricula for university-bound, college-bound, and vocation-bound graduates. About 1% of the high school's graduates join the military, 3% get civilian employment; 1% enroll in special schools, 37% enroll in two-year colleges, and 54% go to four-year colleges and universities.[citation needed] Some of its alumni are famous athletes.


The four-year secondary school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It has approximately 2,408 students and employs 90 teachers, 62 support staff, 4 administrators, 4 counselors, 1 psychologist and 1 librarian. The length of its class periods vary and add to 297 minutes per week. Every Monday is a "professional growth day", with 54-minute periods. It is on a trimester-based system with class periods 70 minutes long from Tuesday through Thursday. Periods are 65 minutes on Friday.[5]

The high school has a campus with several buildings.[6][7] Elective course offerings include agriculture, floral design, architectural design, and computer animation. Other activities include automobile repair and design, choir, marching band, and photography.[8] Its athletic teams are called the Titans.[9][10][11] It has a Theatre Guild.[12][13] The school also offers PLTW engineering courses and has a campus-affiliated FIRST robotics team, Team Spyder 1622.[14][15]


In 2004, the school forbade a student from wearing an anti-gay T-shirt during the school's gay–straight alliance's Day of Silence. The student, Tyler Chase Harper, filed suit, claiming that the school had violated his constitutional rights. The case was Harper v. Poway Unified School District. In 2006, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in a divided decision, denied the student's claim and held that the school's regulation of student speech in this case was constitutional. The student sought review in the U.S. Supreme Court; in 2007, the Court vacated the judgment as moot because Harper had graduated.[16]

In 2011, in a separate case, Johnson v. Poway Unified School District, the Ninth Circuit found that the school board could order a teacher to remove religious decorations (specifically, 7-foot wide, 2-foot high banners bearing Christian phrases) from his classroom, holding that the speech of teachers in school settings is government speech.[17]

Community overview[edit]

The school was established in September 1961 to be the first of five high schools for the Poway Unified School District.[18] The general population in the district reached about 186,195 in 2014, of which about 33,000 were students, including kindergarten through the twelfth grade. The students of Poway High School are from the suburban communities of Poway and Rancho Bernardo which are 15 miles northeast of the City of San Diego.[19] In rare cases, students living in the nearby town of Ramona attend Poway High School because it is better funded.[citation needed]


Based on data for the 2019-2020 school year, 2,293 students attend Poway High School.[20] When divided by grade level, 618 students are in 9th grade, 555 in 10th, 574 in 11th, and 546 in 12th. Student enrollment is 49.5% White, 29.4% Hispanic or Latino, 8% Asian, 8.2% two or more races, 1.4% African American, 0.3% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 0.2% Native American or Alaska Native.


Students take required classes in English, Social Science, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science, Health, Physical Education, and Fine Arts. They must pass the CAHSEE in English Language Arts and Mathematics. They also take a required number of elective classes.[21] There are three majors: University-bound, College-bound, and high school graduation. The last take electives based on their vocational interests. There are advanced placement, honors, and occupational courses. There are also English language and remedial courses.[22]

In the 2012–13 school year, Poway students scored higher than the national mean on the SAT test, 784 students took AP exams and 4 were National Merit semi-finalists.[23] Student pursuits following graduation have been: 5% in the military, 3% full-time employment; 1% in special schools, 37% in two-year colleges and 54% four-year colleges and universities.[24]

Notable alumni[edit]


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