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Prerana Deshpande is an exponent of Kathak dance in India. She studied Kathak under Guru-Shishya Parampara (Master - Disciple tradition) from Rohini Bhate, of Lucknow and Jaipur gharanas for over twenty years. Prerana Deshpande is known for mastery over various aspects of Kathak. She is known for her graceful movements, abhinaya (expression) and command over the laya (rhythm).[1] Her understanding of music and literature has led to scholars and critics acknowledge her as a 'Complete Kathak Artist'. Over the years, Prerana Deshpande has produced several creative concepts in dance.[2]

Prerana Deshpande had her formal education at the Centre of Performing Arts of Pune University (Lalit Kala Kendra), India. She completed her master's degree in Kathak and stood first in the university. She also completed her bachelor's degree in Mathematics.

Institute - Nrityadham[edit]

As a dedication to her art, Deshpande established 'Nrityadham' - an Institute for Performing Arts in Pune where she imparts Kathak training to students from India and abroad.

Creative collaboration[edit]

Creative collaboration named 'Mharo Pranam' on the life and lyrics of Saint Meerabai, conceptualized by Shri Hemant Pendse with Kathak choreography by Prerana Deshpande premiered in Pune in 2010. This production is[when?] on a nationwide tour being staged in major concert halls in India.

In 2007, Prerana Deshpande collaborated with famous Odissi dancer Sujata Mohapatra in a Kathak - Odissi collaboration inspired by the World Heritage Site of Ajanta & Ellora. The production titled Ajanta Comes Alive - Tribute to Ajanta & Ellora premiered in the cultural capital of India - Pune on February 18, 2007. Presented by dance scholar Sunil Kothari, this collaboration was subsequently staged in various cities of the country.


  • Gaurav Puruskar at the hands of Pt. Birju Maharaj
  • Nrityashree title
  • Singarmani award

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