Princess of Piedmont

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Princess of Piedmont[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Princess Ceased to be Princess Death Husband
Anonymous painting of Christine Marie of France.png Princess Christine Marie of France Henry IV of France
10 February 1606 10 February 1619 26 July 1630
became Duchess of Savoy
27 December 1663 Prince Victor Amadeus
Circle of Nicolas de Largillière, portrait of Anne Christine of Sulzbach (1704-1723).jpg Countess Palatine Anne Christine of Sulzbach Theodore Eustace, Count Palatine of Sulzbach
5 February 1704 15 March 1722 12 March 1723
death in childbirth
Prince Charles Emmanuel
Polyxena of Hesse-Rheinfels-Rotenburg.jpg Landgravine Polyxena of Hesse-Rotenburg Ernest Leopold, Landgrave of Hesse-Rotenburg
21 September 1706 20 August 1724 3 September 1730
became Queen of Sardinia
13 January 1735
Anonymous painting of Maria Antonia of Spain some time before her marriage (Circa 1750).jpg Infanta Maria Antonia of Spain
styled as Duchess of Savoy
Philip V of Spain
17 November 1729 31 May 1750 20 February 1773
became Queen of Sardinia
19 September 1785 Duke Victor Amadeus
Heinsius Clotilde de France.jpg Princess Clothilde of France Louis, Dauphin of France
23 September 1759 27 August 1775 14 October 1796
became Queen of Sardinia
7 March 1802 Prince Charles Emmanuel
Adelaideregina.jpg Archduchess Adelaide of Austria
styled as Duchess of Savoy
Archduke Rainer Joseph of Austria
3 June 1822 12 April 1842 23 March 1849
became Queen of Sardinia
20 January 1855 Prince Victor Emmanuel
Queen Margharitha di Savoia.jpg Princess Margherita of Savoy Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Genoa
20 November 1851 21 April 1868 9 January 1878
became Queen of Italy
4 January 1926 Prince Umberto
Bundesarchiv Bild 102-00061, Elena von Montenegro 140x190.jpg Princess Elena of Montenegro Nicholas I of Montenegro
(Milena Vukotić)
8 January 1873 24 October 1896 29 July 1900
became Queen of Italy
28 November 1952 Prince Victor Emmanuel
Marie-José of Belgium2.jpg Princess Marie José of Belgium Albert I of Belgium
(Saxe-Coburg and Gotha)
4 August 1906 8 January 1930 9 May 1946
became Queen of Italy
27 January 2001 Prince Umberto

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