Lordship of Berat

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Lordship of Berat

by 1396–1417
Common languagesAlbanian
Eastern Orthodox
Historical eraMedieval
• Capture by Muzaka family
by 1396
• Ottoman capture
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Sanjak of Albania
Sanjak of Albania

The Lordship of Berat was a county created by despot Andrea II Muzaka of the Muzaka noble family with its capital at Berat. In 1385, during the Battle of Savra, the Ottomans captured Berat from Balša II, together with Kroje and Ulcinj. They soon retreated from all of those towns keeping only Castoria under their permanent control.[1] Some sources explain that Ottomans probably remained in Berat with intention to use it as foothold to capture Valona.[2] By 1396 Muzaka family took over control of Berat.[3] In 1417 Berat became a part of the Ottoman Empire.[4]

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