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Prion Humour Classics are a series of small-format hardback novels published by Prion Books in the UK published by Barry Winkleman.

Title Author Introduction by Published[1] Originally
Augustus Carp, Esq. Henry Howarth Bashford John Letts[2] Oct 2000 1924
Seven Men and Two Others Max Beerbohm Nigel Williams[3] Jan 2001 1950
How to Travel Incognito Ludwig Bemelmans Robert Wernick[4] April 2001 1952
Mapp and Lucia E F Benson Stephen Pile[5] Feb 2001 1931
The Freaks of Mayfair E F Benson Brian Masters[6] Sep 2001[7] 1916
Accustomed as I Am Basil Boothroyd Alistair Sampson[8] Jul 2001 1975[9]
The Marsh-Marlowe Letters Craig Brown Nov 2001 1984
How Steeple Sinderby Wanderers Won the F.A. Cup J L Carr Nov 1999 1975
Diary of a Provincial Lady E M Delafield Jilly Cooper[10] Feb 2000 1930
The Papers of A.J. Wentworth B.A. H F Ellis Miles Kington[11] Aug 2000 1949
Squire Haggard's Journal Michael Green Michael Green[12] Sep 2000 1975[13]
The Diary of a Nobody George and Weedon Grossmith William Trevor[14] Jan 2001 1892
Three Men in a Boat Jerome K Jerome Nigel Williams[15] Feb 2000 1889
Mrs Caudle's Curtain Lectures Douglas Jerrold Peter Ackroyd[16] Jul 2000 1846
The Unspeakable Skipton Pamela Hansford Johnson Ruth Rendell[17] Jan 2002 1959
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town Stephen Leacock Mar 2000 1912
No Mother to Guide Her Anita Loos Kathy Lette[18] Jan 2000 1961
Here's Luck Lennie Lower James Scanlon[19] April 2001 1929
The Biography of a Cad A. G. Macdonnell Simon Hoggart[20] Jan 2001 1939
The Serial Cyra McFadden Apr 2000 1977
The Eliza Stories Barry Pain Terry Jones[21] Feb 2002 1900
The World of S J Perelman S J Perelman Woody Allen[22] May 2000
The World of Simon Raven Simon Raven Anthony Blond[23] Jul 2002
How to Do and Say in England Anthony Robertson Oct 2001 1936[24]
The Education of Hyman Kaplan Leo Rosten Howard Jacobson[25] Mar 2000 1937
The Return of Hyman Kaplan Leo Rosten May 2000 1959
The Unrest-Cure and other Tales Saki Will Self[26] Jun 2001
The English Gentleman Douglas Sutherland Iain Moncreiffe[27] Mar 2001 1978[28]
My Life and Hard Times James Thurber Clifton Fadiman[29] Jul 2000 1933
A Touch of Daniel Peter Tinniswood David Nobbs[30] Nov 2001 1969
Cannibalism in the Cars Mark Twain Roy Blount Jr.[31] Mar 2000
A Melon for Ecstasy John Fortune and John Wells John Fortune[32] Jan 2002 1971


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