Prisoner of Honor

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Prisoner of Honour
Prisoner of Honour .jpg
VHS Art cover
Directed by Ken Russell
Produced by Richard Dreyfuss
Judith James
Written by Ron Hutchinson
Starring Richard Dreyfuss
Oliver Reed
Peter Firth
Jeremy Kemp
Brian Blessed
Peter Vaughan
Lindsay Anderson
Martin Friend
Kenneth Colley
Music by Barry Kirsch
Cinematography Mike Southon
Distributed by HBO Films
Release date
  • 2 November 1991 (1991-11-02)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Prisoner of Honour is a 1991 British dramatic television film directed by Ken Russell and starring Richard Dreyfuss, Oliver Reed and Peter Firth. It was made by Warner Bros. Television and distributed by HBO, and centers on the famous Dreyfus Affair. Richard Dreyfuss co-produced the film with Judith James, from a screenplay by Ron Hutchinson.


The film documents the events that saw a French Captain, Alfred Dreyfus, sent to Devil's Island for espionage near the end of the 19th century. Colonel Georges Picquart (Richard Dreyfuss) is given the job of justifying Dreyfus' sentence. Instead, he discovers that Dreyfus (Kenneth Colley), a Jew, was merely a convenient scapegoat for the actions of the true culprit, a member of the French General staff. His attempt to right the wrong sees his military career ended and the famous French author, Émile Zola (Martin Friend), found guilty of libel.


Actor Role
Richard Dreyfuss Colonel Picquart
Oliver Reed General de Boisdeffre
Peter Firth Major Henry
Jeremy Kemp General de Pellieux
Brian Blessed General Gonse
Peter Vaughan General Mercier
Lindsay Anderson War Minister
Martin Friend Émile Zola
Kenneth Colley Captain Dreyfus
Catherine Neilson Eloise


Richard Dreyfuss stated in an interview that at one time, and before making Prisoner of Honour, he thought he was related by blood to Captain Captain Alfred Dreyfus.

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