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Prize for Innovation in Distributed Computing

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The Prize for Innovation in Distributed Computing (also called SIROCCO award) is an award presented annually at the conference International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO) to a living individual (or individuals) who have made a major contribution to understanding "the relationships between information and efficiency in decentralized computing", which is main area of interest for this conference. The award recognizes innovation, in particular, it recognizes inventors of new ideas that were unorthodox and outside the mainstream at the time of their introduction. There are two restrictions for being eligible for this award: (1) The original contribution must have appeared in a publication at least five years before the year of the award, (2) One of the articles related to this contribution and authored by this candidate must have appeared in the proceedings of SIROCCO.[1]

The award was presented for the first time in 2009.[2]


Year Recipient Topic
2009[2] Nicola Santoro Analysis of properties of labeled graphs
2010[3] Jean-Claude Bermond Impact of structure of networks on the efficiency of parallel or distributed algorithms
2011[4] David Peleg Local computing, robot computing, dynamic monopolies, sparse spanners, compact routing and labeling schemes
2012[5] Roger Wattenhofer Distributed approximation
2013[6] Andrzej Pelc Communication paradigms for information dissemination
2014[7] Pierre Fraigniaud On the role of identities in local distributed computing
2015[8] Michel Raynal Condition-based approach to solving agreement problems
2016[9] Masafumi Yamashita Distributed computing with autonomous mobile robots
2017[10] Shmuel Zaks Algorithmic aspects of optical networks
2018[11] Zvi Lotker Theory of wireless and social networks
2019[12] Paola Flocchini Sense of direction in labeled graphs and analysis of asynchronous systems of mobile agents
2020[13] Amos Korman Computational aspects of biological systems
2021[14] Friedhelm Meyer-auf-der-Heide Continuous strategies for swarms of mobile robots


Christian Scheideler Robust and efficient overlay networks
2023[17] Boaz Patt-Shamir Distributed computing under bandwidth limitations

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