Programming the Z80

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Programming the Z80
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AuthorRodnay Zaks
CountryUnited States
Publication date

Programming the Z80 is a seminal programming text, written by Rodnay Zaks and first published in 1979 by Sybex. It is designed as both an educational text to teach programming techniques of elementary to intermediate level using Assembly language, and as a self-contained reference book. Topics specific to the Zilog Z80 microprocessor, such as its internal hardware organisation and instruction set are described in detail. Additionally more general concepts, such as information representation and data structures are also covered. The book is considered an indispensable reference guide by many Z80 programmers. It was also published by Radio Shack with the title How To Program The Z80. A companion volume Z80 Applications written by James W. Coffron was published in 1983 by Sybex.



  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Z80 Hardware Organization
  3. Basic Programming Techniques
  4. The Z80 Instruction Set
  5. Addressing Techniques
  6. Input/Output Techniques
  7. Input/Output Devices
  8. Application Examples
  9. Data Structures
  10. Program Development
  11. Conclusion


  • A. Hexadecimal Conversion Table
  • B. ASCII Conversion Table
  • C. Relative Branch Tables
  • D. Decimal to BCD Conversion
  • E. Z80 Instruction Codes
  • F. Z80 to 8080 Equivalence
  • G. 8080 to Z80 Equivalence

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