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Linkin park points of authority.png
Single by Linkin Park
from the album Reanimation
A-side "H! Vltg3"
B-side "By Myself"
Released March 20, 2002
Format CD
  • 3:45 (album version)
  • 3:38 (single version)
Label Warner Bros.
Songwriter(s) Linkin Park
Producer(s) Mike Shinoda
Linkin Park singles chronology
"Easier To Run"
"Somewhere I Belong"
"Easier To Run"
"Somewhere I Belong"
Music video
"Pts.OF.Athrty" on YouTube

"Pts.OF.Athrty" (pronounced "Points of Authority") is a remix of "Points of Authority" by Linkin Park. It is a single from their remix album, Reanimation. The single features remixes of the Hybrid Theory tracks "Points of Authority," "High Voltage" and "By Myself". "Points of Authority" was remixed by Jay Gordon from Orgy, "High Voltage" was remixed by Evidence featuring Pharoahe Monch, while "By Myself" was remixed by Marilyn Manson. The remixes of "Points of Authority" and "High Voltage" are the same as those found on the standard release of Reanimation, while the remix of "By Myself" is a different version found only on the physical single, the Japanese version and on iTunes as a bonus track.

There is also an alternate version of Jay Gordon's remix, which surfaced on a Jay Gordon remix page in 2008.[1] It is now known that this version is a demo of the song.

There are two different endings to the song: on the album, the song holds out the long note and plays a reversed sample of "In the End", which leads up to "Enth E Nd". On the music video, the long note cuts off.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Linkin Park.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Pts.OF.Athrty"   3:36
2. "Buy Myself (remix of By Myself by Marilyn Manson)" Linkin Park 4:26
3. "H! Vltg3"   3:32

All tracks written by Linkin Park.

"H! Vltg3/Pts.OF.Athrty"
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "H! Vltg3"   3:30
2. "Pts.OF.Athrty"   3:36
3. "Buy Myself (remix of By Myself by Marilyn Manson)" Linkin Park 4:26

Music video[edit]

This remix of "Points of Authority" is renowned for its video, a completely CGI battle between robots, ruled by the heads of Linkin Park members, and an alien race. The heads of all six Linkin Park members are kept in a digital lab equipped with computers and advanced equipment which can be seen extracting something from the heads as Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda sing. According to Mr. Hahn, the band members' heads are powering the world. At the very end of the video, the commander of the alien race tries to battle the blue tentacles that were released by the members' heads, but gets his gun ripped out of his hand, and is enveloped by them.

Director Joe Hahn explained that the events of the video took place after the end of the human race and all that's left are the heads of the six Linkin Park members. The video is also said to have been inspired by the dream sequences in the 2001 film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The music video was aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block as a commercial break (around the year 2002). There is also a video for "Points of Authority" from Hybrid Theory which contains footage of the band playing live. It is featured on the DVD Frat Party at the Pankake Festival.

Another video features the live performance of "Points of Authority" from Linkin Park's live album Live in Texas. The Live in Texas version is available on iTunes, along with Lying from You. The "Points of Authority" video was not officially uploaded on YouTube by Linkin Park or Warner Bros. Records. It is available exclusively on[2] The "Pts.OF.Athrty" music video is available on both Linkin Park [3] and Warner Bros. Records [4] YouTube Channels.


Out of the music videos for Points of Authority, Frgt/10, Enth E Nd and Kyur4 Th Ich, only Pts.of.Athrty and Frgt/10 are available on iTunes as videos (Pts.of.Athrty available in United States and Canada, Frgt/10 available in Canada Only).


Chart (2002–04) Peak
Canadian Singles Chart 4
UK Singles Chart 9
German Singles Chart 31
Australian Singles Chart 44
Italian Singles Chart 39
US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 29


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