Purity of Essence (Hoodoo Gurus album)

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Purity of Essence
Studio album by
Released12 March 2010
RecordedNovember–December 2009
ProducerHoodoo Gurus, Charles Fisher
Hoodoo Gurus chronology
Mach Schau
Purity of Essence
Gold Watch: 20 Golden Greats
Singles from Purity of Essence
  1. "Crackin' Up"
    Released: 15 December 2009
  2. "I Hope You're Happy"
    Released: 5 March 2010
  3. "What's in It for Me?"
    Released: 2010
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars [1]
The Australian(Positive)[2]
The Age(Positive)[3]

Purity of Essence is Australian rock group Hoodoo Gurus' ninth studio album. It was recorded six years after their last studio album, Mach Schau, and was released on 12 March 2010. The album peaked at No. 16 on the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Albums Chart.[4] It was released internationally on 11 May on the band's own label via Virtual Label/ADA.

The album was co-produced by the band with Charles Fisher, who produced two of the band's previous albums, Mars Needs Guitars! and Blue Cave. The album was mixed by Ed Stasium, who previously worked with the Hoodoo Gurus on the Kinky and Crank.

Their first single from the album, "Crackin' Up" was released three months earlier in December 2009. A second single, "I Hope You're Happy" appeared in March 2010 with the third single, "What's in It for Me?" issued subsequently.

The expression "Purity of Essence" is taken from the film Dr Strangelove where it forms a repeated part of the ramblings of an insane air force general.


Hoodoo Gurus were formed in 1981 in Sydney, their eighth studio album, Mach Schau, was released in 2004.[5] They were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame on 18 July 2007.[6] This was followed by a national tour of Australia called 'Clash of the Titans' with The Stems and Radio Birdman.[7] According to Hoodoo Gurus frontman, Dave Faulkner, there were tentative plans to release a new album in 2009, although little material had been written by July 2008.[8]

In March 2009, Hoodoo Gurus signed a new recording contract with Sony Music Australia, the deal includes the band's back catalogue as well as a new album, the band's ninth studio album.[9][10] The album was originally scheduled for release in September 2009 but they were not happy with the final mix.[11]

We weren't really satisfied with the studio we were in and a whole lot of things, so we had to pull the plug on that and then rethink. We just had to eat the expense, you know, we had to give them a week's cancellation (fee).

— Dave Faulkner[11]

Hoodoo Gurus then sent their songs off to Durango, Colorado, where Ed Stasium, who worked on the band's previous albums Kinky and Crank, worked with Faulkner. Faulkner flew to the US after Hoodoo Gurus performed in Japan,[12] their first performances there in over 20 years.[11]

In August 2009 it was revealed that guitarist Brad Shepherd had been diagnosed with cancer and was recovering from recent surgery.[13] It was his second cancer diagnosis, having had a melanoma removed five years earlier.[13]

The first single from their new album, "Crackin' Up", was released in December 2009[14] and received some airplay on Australian radio stations.[15] The album, Purity of Essence, was released on 12 March 2010 in Australia and internationally on 11 May.[16]

A limited edition of the album was also released which included a bonus DVD containing four live tracks, part of the "Max Sessions in the Sand", recorded at the St Kilda Festival on 10 February 2008.

Track listing[edit]

Purity of Essence
1."Crackin' Up"Dave Faulkner[17]3:55
2."A Few Home Truths"Faulkner[17]3:32
3."Are You Sleeping?"Faulkner[17]4:35
4."Burnt Orange"Faulkner[17]3:01
5."I Hope You're Happy"Faulkner[17]3:43
6."Ashamed of Me"Faulkner[17]3:55
7."What's in It for Me?"Faulkner[17]3:23
8."Over Nothing"Faulkner[17]5:01
9."You've Got Another Thing Coming"Brad Shepherd[17]2:57
10."Only in America"Faulkner[17]4:44
11."Somebody, Take Me Home"Faulkner, Shepherd[17]3:04
12."Let Me In"Faulkner, Shepherd[17]3:24
13."Evening Shade"Faulkner[17]3:39
14."Why So Sad?"Faulkner[17]4:26
15."1968"Faulkner, Shepherd[17]2:37
16."The Stars Look Down"Faulkner[17]5:33
Total length:61:09
Bonus DVD - Live from St Kilda
1."Bittersweet" (Music Video) 
2."Come Anytime" (Music Video) 
3."1000 Miles Away" (Video) 
4."I was a Kamikaze Pilot" (Video) 

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalog
Australia 12 March 2010 Sony Music CD 88697645112
Limited Edition CD (with bonus DVD) 88697670902
Digital download
United States 11 May 2010 CD 881626927724
Brazil 7 Dec 2010 Som Livre CD 1755-2[18]