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For the 1970s disco group, see Q (1970s band).

Q was a small American techno band, formed in 1982 by Jon St. James and Stacey Swain. Ross Wood was also a group member, and John Van Tongeren was involved as well. The group only had two releases: a 7" single of their song "Playback" on Cocteau Records, and a four-track EP released almost exclusively to college radio stations that has become known among fans as The Q EP. Only 1,000 copies were printed of the EP, and it is considered highly collectable.

Swain and St. James (along with Van Tongeren) formed SSQ shortly after the release of Q's EP, and they went on to release one album, Playback, as well as a couple of singles over the next two years.

The same lineup of musicians, with Swain and St. James still at the core, would eventually achieve commercial success under the name Stacey Q.


  • Stacey Swain - Vocals
  • Jon St. James - Keyboards
  • Ross Wood
  • John Van Tongeren - Keyboards

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