Qamar Gula

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Qamar Gula (Pashto), Qamar Gul (Farsi)
Native name قمر گل , قمر ګله
Born Nangarhar, Afghanistan
Genres Pop
Classical Music
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1970–present
Labels Various

Qamar Gula (Pashto: قمر ګله‎, Persian: ‎‎Qamar Gul, قمر گل) is an Afghan singer. She is credited to be only the second female Pashto language singer (after Rukhshana) to sing for the Radio Television Afghanistan. A veteran of music of Afghanistan, she has a career that spans nearly five decades.

Early life[edit]

Qamar Gul was born in Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. [1] She started singing at the age of seven and, due to wide audience appreciation, she was encouraged to pursue it professionally. Her career reached its zenith when she married Mohammad Din Zakhil who composed many of her songs. By the early 1970s, she gained fame across Afghanistan and ranked among the top female singers of the country. Qamar Gul immigrated to Canada due to the ongoing civil war in Afghanistan. She still lives in the province of Ontario, where from she continues her music career.


Qamar Gul’s music includes compositions from Zakhil as well as other Afghan composers. She still maintains her popularity among Afghans, particularly among the older generation who associate her music with the nostalgic times of Afghanistan before the civil war. Her voice is often referred to as “The Golden Voice” by the Afghan media. Over the years, she has collaborated with various Afghan singers: with Rukhshana in the 1970s, with Gul Zaman in the 1980s, and in 2010s with Zarsanga, Waheed Qasemi, and Hangama.


  • Golden Medals: Zahir Shah, Daud Khan, Babrak Karmal and Mohammad Najibullah - King and Presidents of Afghanistan.[1]
  • Nightingale title: Hamid Karzai - President of Afghanistan [1]
  • Best Singer: Ariana Television [1]
  • Best Singer: Afghan community of California [1]


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