Nguyễn Quang Toản

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Nguyễn Quang Toản (Chữ Hán: 阮光纘; regnal name: Cảnh Thịnh hoàng đế 景盛皇帝; 1783-1802), was the third and last emperor of the Tây Sơn dynasty. He followed his father Quang Trung (Nguyễn Huệ ruled 1788–1792) at the age of 10 and reigned for 10 years till he was 20. He was succeeded by Gia Long, first emperor of the Nguyễn dynasty.[1]

Nguyễn Quang Toản
Born: 1792 Died: 1802
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Quang Trung
Ruler of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Gia Long


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