Quiz & Larossi

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Quiz & Larossi
Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Pop
Years active 1999–present
Website [1]
Members Andreas Romdhane & Josef Larossi

Andreas Romdhane (a.k.a. Quiz) and Josef Larossi have a studio based in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden.

They have worked together since 1999 when they wrote songs for Lutricia McNeal.

During their partnership they have written/produced songs for a wide variety of acts such as Kelly Clarkson , The Pussycat Dolls, Il Divo, Geri Halliwell, Diana Ross, Alexandra Burke, The Saturdays & Westlife.

They have had 6 #1 singles in the UK. Quiz and Larossi have written 8 songs for Il Divo in the last 3 years, the biggest number of songs from any contributing songwriter. Il Divo has to this day sold 28 million albums worldwide.


Examples of songs that Quiz & Larossi have written and/or produced:


Il Divo[edit]

  • "Mama" - Il Divo (#1 Album in 13 countries. Only single commercially released from the album)[1]
  • "Sei Parte Ormai Di Me" - Il Divo
  • "The Man You Love" - Il Divo
  • "Isabel" - Il Divo (#1 US Album. #1 Album in 15 countries)
  • "Una Noche" - Il Divo (#1 Album on the World Chart)
  • "Enamorado" - Il Divo
  • "Angelina" - Il Divo
  • "La Luna" - Il Divo