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RCA Service Company, designated RCAS, was headquartered at Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and was a division of RCA created to service appliances and equipment manufactured by RCA.

Government services[edit]

It was sub-divided three major groups, one named RCA Technical Services which serviced the products manufactured by RCA for commercial customers such as broadcast equipment, computers, medical equipment, etc. One named RCA Government Services which operated administrative government contracts such as the BMEWS sites around the world. (See below for a list of other contracts.) This later became known as GE Government Services when GE acquired RCA in 1986. The third arm was designated RCA Consumer Services.

Technical personnel working for RCA Service Company, prior to it becoming RCA Government Services, were usually categorized as "global field service engineer."

Consumer services[edit]

The other major division of the RCA Service Company was the Consumer Products Division, which had offices in most major American cities and whose repairmen would service products manufactured for the home by RCA. This division also sold service contracts on the television products sold by RCA.

Effective July 1, 2009 RCA, which was acquired by TTE/TTL, a China company, terminated all of the RCA Authorized Service Companies who have provided repair services for RCA consumer products for over 60 years. RCA also terminated all of their consumer service employees and shut down. TTE/TTL contracted with DEX to provide repair services. DEX does not intend to use independent service companies – but their subcontractor computer technicians.

Contracts held by RCA Service Company[edit]

Major contracts administered as prime contractor or sub-contractor by RCA Service Company include: