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RTÉ Guide Logo.png
Cover of the RTÉ Guide from June 20, 2009
The RTÉ Guide in June 2009.
CategoriesTV and radio listings magazine
First issue1 December 1961
CompanyRTÉ Commercial Enterprises Ltd

The RTÉ Guide is a television and radio listings magazine in Ireland published by RTÉ Commercial Enterprises Ltd, a subsidiary of Raidió Teilifís Éireann.

The magazine offers detailed programme listings for RTÉ channels, as well as Virgin Media One (TV3), TG4 (TnaG), Virgin Media Two (3e), BBC One, BBC Two, UTV, and Channel 4, as well as less detailed listings for variations of BBC Wales, ITV Wales, S4C and a number of satellite and cable channels. RTÉ Radio programme listings are also published. Lifestyle and celebrity articles are also included in the magazine.

Publication history[edit]

The RTÉ Guide began publication on 1 December 1961 as the RTV Guide[1] and changed its name to the current name in 1966.[2]

From 8 January 1977, the RTÉ Guide switches from tabloid format to a compact magazine size and also changes from monochrome into colour, while early on listings were carried for the BBC but were later dropped after a few years and only RTÉ programme listings were carried. Following the UK listings magazines such as Radio Times and TVTimes were deregulated from 1 March 1991, the magazine began carrying BBC, UTV/HTV Wales and Channel 4 (with S4C) listings also from 13 April 1991.[3]

A special Christmas double issue of RTÉ Guide is published every year to cover the Christmas period and the New Year.[4]

In April 2018, the RTÉ Guide got its first new look for some years.

In May 2019, it was reported that RTÉ was considering putting the RTÉ Guide up for sale.[5] In June 2019, it was reported that the Sunday Business Post owner, Enda O’Coineen, might acquire the RTÉ Guide.[6] However, in December 2019, RTÉ had abandoned the sale of the RTÉ Guide.[7]


The Audit Bureau of Circulations circulation figures for the RTÉ Guide were:

  • 130,327 for July 2002 to December 2002[8]
  • 118,263 for July 2003 to December 2003[9]
  • 61,881 for 2012[10]
  • 53,695 in 2014[11]
  • 51,413 for 2015[12]
  • 48,089 for 2016[13]
  • 45,861 for 2017[14]
  • 43,195 for 2018[15]

The RTÉ Guide is no longer ABC audited.[16] Hence, no ABC figures are available from post-2018.

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