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Radhe Maa
OrganizationShri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust

Radhe Maa is an Indian spiritual leader based and the head of Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust in the Borivali suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Radhe Maa's real name is Sukhvinder Kaur. She was born in Dorangala village, Gurdaspur district in Punjab.[1] She made her acting debut in web series raah de maa video released on 21 August 2018.[2]

Early life[edit]

Her followers state that she was drawn to spirituality as a child, and spent a lot of time at the Kali temple in her village.[1] However, according to people of her village, she did not show any spiritual leanings as a child.[3]. Devotees believe that Radhe Maa’s touch rids them of physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

Kaur studied till Class IV.[3] She used to stitch clothes to supplement her husband's small income.[3]

As a spiritual leader[edit]

During her early years in Mumbai, Radhe Maa used to frequently travel back to Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala in Punjab for satsangs. Later she started gaining more followers in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities.[4]. A lot of veteran Bollywood and TV actors/actresses are also reported to be bhakts (devotees) of Radhe Maa.[5] In 2015, a veteran Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam compared Radhe Maa with Naga Sadhus defending her siting the controversies surrounding her.[6]. A well known Bollywood director Subhash Ghai had also faced criticism in 2015 for visiting Radhe Maa to take her blessings.[7]

As a social worker[edit]

Radhe Maa urges devotees to undertake Jeev Seva initiatives that include donation of blood, clothes, food, books and medicines to orphanages, old age homes and sadhus. In 2018 Radhe Maa donated utensils worth Rs 20 lakh to Golden Temple.[8]


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