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Origin Pordenone, Italy
Genres Power metal
Progressive metal
Melodic death metal
Years active 1999–2012
Labels Arise Records
Soundholic Records
Replica Records
Lifeforce Records
Bieler Bros Records
Website raintime.com
Members Claudio Coassin
Matteo Di Bon
Luca Michael Martina
Michele Colussi
Enrico Fabris
Andrea Corona
Past members Matteo Barzan
Francesco Rossi
Giovanni Buora
Carlo Nadalin

Raintime was an Italian progressive / power metal band, founded in 1999. The band was initially significantly inspired by Dream Theater, and as such composed songs which leaned towards the progressive metal genre. They then recorded an instrumental demo entitled Jump in the Past.

After the demo was released, the band's original drummer quit and Enrico Fabris replaced him. Also, Claudio Coassin, who played keyboards, switched to vocals, leaving keyboards to Andrea Corona. Their sound evolved into a new hybrid and borrows elements both from extreme metal, such as death growls and lower tuning of their instruments, and from more melodic genres, especially in regard to keyboards and vocals. With this new direction, the band recorded their debut album Tales from Sadness in 2005 with Arise Records. The second "official" chapter of the band, Flies & Lies (Lifeforce), released in 2007 and produced by Tommy Handsen, gave Raintime the possibility to perform live at ProgPower USA with bands like After Forever, Virgin Steele and Sonata Arctica.

Their latest album, entitled Psychromatic, was released on 16 March 2010.[citation needed]

Raintime stated on their Facebook on 27 May 2012 that the band would be disbanding due to "too many new members". Claudio, Enrico and Ivan, however, are working on a side project called Fake Idols.


  • Claudio Coassin – vocals
  • Daniele “Acido” Bressa – lead guitar
  • Ivan Odorico – guitar
  • Dario Battiston – bass
  • Andrea Corona – keyboards
  • Enrico Fabris – drums
  • Parham Amini – bass (studio)



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