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J. Rajmohan Pillai (born 12 May 1964)[1] is an Indian businessman, currently the Chairman of Beta Group.[2]

Early life[edit]

Rajmohan Pillai was born in Kollam, Kerala, India, and educated in the state capital Trivandrum.[3] He gained management experience within the family business from 1981.[1]

Beta Group[edit]

Beta Group is a diversified transnational business group with $2 billion turnover.[4] The group’s vertical subsidiaries include packaged processed foods manufacturing, marketing and distribution. The Group also claims interests in entertainment, logistics and business consulting.[5]

The group began in the early 1900s as Beta Industries, an exporter of cashew nuts. The company is based in the Netherlands.[2] It is one of the world's largest cashew nut companies.[6]

Rajmohan Pillai formed the Beta Group as a conglomerate of nine companies in memory of his eldest brother, Kerala businessman Rajan Pillai,[7] former chairman of Britannia Industries, whose death in 1995 closed what The Economic Times referred to as one of India's most dramatic corporate sagas.[2]

Today, while still essentially a cashew products company, the Beta Group has diversified into fruit drinks, almonds, dates and pistachios.[8] The group owns the dry fruit and nut brands Nut King and Ole.[9]

Pillai's management[edit]

Pillai's previous declared intentions for the group have included:

Social foundations[edit]

He was instrumental in establishing the KJP Research Foundation, named in honor of his late father, K. J. Pillai. The Foundation conducts research and development in the fields of cashew and other horticultural crops. He also established the Rajan Pillai Foundation in memory of his brother, to promote excellence in arts, sports, social sciences, and medicine, serving the cause of humanity. The Rajan Pillai Foundation institutes and presents awards to accomplished individuals in international relations, social welfare services and industry development.[14]

Legal cases[edit]

Pillai, as Managing Director of Pace International Ltd, was one of four men convicted of fraud over a letter of credit in 2008.[15] He was sentenced to two years' imprisonment and fined Rs 200,000, but appealed the conviction[16] and the sentences have been suspended until the appeal is resolved.

Thesis and publications[edit]

In 2006 he was awarded a doctorate in business management by the New Age International University of Seborga, Italy,[8] (a diploma mill unlicensed by any Italian or European authority which is an offshoot of the Institute of Education, Research & Development, Kolkata) for a thesis that chronicled the history of the global cashew industry.

His other published works are:

  • A Wasted Death – a book on the rise and fall of Rajan Pillai, co-authored with K. Govindan Kutty[17] (Penguin Books, 2001, ISBN 978-0-14-100601-7; subsequently translated and published in five Indian languages[citation needed]).
  • K. Janardhanan Pillaiyude Jeevitham Daivathinte Nadakom – a Malayalam book about the life of Pillai's father. Co-authored with V. S. Nair (Current Books, 2002).
  • The World Cashew Industry – a book detailing all aspects of the production, processing and trading of cashews. Co-authored with Mrs. P. Santha, a relative and former principal scientist with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (Rajan Pillai Foundation, Kollam, 2008).[18] The book incorporates several chapters of Pillai's thesis.[19]


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