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Raju Pal was an Indian politician from the Bahujan Samaj Party. In 2005, while he represented the Allahabad West constituency in the Uttar Pradesh state legislature, he was gunned down in broad daylight.

In 2002, Raju lost election to mafia don Atique Ahmad. However, in 2004, Ahmad resigned after being elected to the Lok Sabha.[1] Raju Pal won the subsequent by-election in November 2004, defeating Atique's younger brother Mohammad Ashraf.

However, in January 2005, Raju Pal was shot dead while going to his village for the Republic day parade. Thereafter, Ashraf won the seat by defeating Pal's wife Puja Pal.[2] Ashraf is the prime accused in the murder. Mohammad Ashraf's brother Atique has also been charged with complicity in the murder.[3] While Atique is currently in jail with 21 criminal cases pending against him, the Mayawati government has come in for criticism for its failure to arrest Ashraf.[4]


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