Ramalina menziesii

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Ramalina menziesii
Ramalina menziesii by Jessica Rosenkrantz.jpg
Scientific classification
R. menziesii
Binomial name
Ramalina menziesii

Ramalina menziesii, the lace lichen, is a pale yellowish-green to grayish-green foliose lichen that grows up to a meter long, hanging from bark and twigs in a distinctive net-like or lace-like pattern that is unlike any other lichen in North America.[1]:192 It becomes a deeper green when wet.[1]:192 Apothecia are lecanorine.[1]:192 it is an important food source for deer in the Coast Range of California, and a source of nest material for birds.[1]:192 It is highly variable in its growth form, with branches sometimes so slender as to appear like strands, sometimes tiny, and sometimes large with broadly flattened branches.[1]:192

Lichen spot tests on the cortex are K-, C-, P- and KC+ dark yellow.[1]:192

After years of effort, the California Lichen Society was able to honor this lichen as the state lichen of California, and the first ever state lichen.[2]


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