Rasmus Paludan (politician)

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Rasmus Paludan

Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer and politician. He is the leader of the political party Hard Line[1] which he founded in 2017.

Rasmus Paludan and his party represent strong views on Islam and non-western immigration. Paludan is opposed to non-Western immigration and Islam's presence in Denmark. He is well-known for his numerous happenings and political demonstrations, often in areas with many Muslim immigrants. During these demonstrations he has presented anti-immigrant statements and taunted Muslims who have shown up to show their opposition to him. At his protests, Paludan has burned the Quran and defaced it in other ways that many Muslims find offensive. Videos of the subsequent confrontations are shared on YouTube where his party has gathered a large following.[2]

He has acted as defence attorney in a number of cases involving self-styled "critics of the system" and proponents of medical cannabis.[2] In April 2019 he was convicted of expressing racist views (Clause § 266b in the Danish penal code) but this judgment has been appealed to the High Court of Eastern Denmark and is still ongoing.[3][4]

In January 2013, Paludan was given a 5-year restraining order, forbidding him to contact a then 24-year-old man whom he had been stalking since 2010, when they both started to study Latin at University of Copenhagen.[5][6] Despite the restraining order, the harassment continued until December 2013.[6] In 2015 Paludan was sentenced to a fine for offending the police officer who handled the stalking case.[5]

Paludan has stated a desire to ban Islam from Denmark,[7] and to deport all Muslims from the country,[8] reportedly for the preservation of its ethnic community.[9]


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