Recommended Records Sampler

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Recommended Records Sampler
ReR Sampler.jpg
Compilation album by
Various artists
ReleasedMay 1982 (1982-05)
LabelRecommended (UK)
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[1]

The Recommended Records Sampler is a sampler double album by various artists released by English independent record label Recommended Records on LP in 1982. It contains tracks by musicians and groups on the Recommended Records catalogue at the time.

This sampler differed from the traditional record label sampler in that all the pieces here were newly recorded by the artists and, at the time, had never been released elsewhere. (Many of the tracks were later re-released as bonus tracks on the artists' CD reissues of their own albums.) In 1985 Recommended Records launched the RēR Quarterly, a "quarterly" sound-magazine, which continued this approach of releasing previously unreleased work on a compilation album.

A limited edition single-sided EP of the same name was also released in 1982 by Recommended Records and given free to advance subscribers of the double album. It comprised four previously unreleased tracks.

Double-LP track listing[edit]

Side A
  1. Vogel: "Flaschenzug"
  2. Faust: "Extract 5 from Faust Party Three: 'The Voice of the Pumpkin' "
  3. Art Bears: "All Hail!"
  4. Stormy Six: "Reparto Novità"
  5. The Homosexuals: "Walk Before Imitate"
  6. Joseph Racaille & Patrick Portella: "On ne Peut Plus Compter sur ses Doigts"
  7. Feliu Gasul: "*"
Side B
  1. The Black Sheep: "Strangelove"
  2. Univers Zero: "Influences"
  3. Aksak Maboul & The Honeymoon Killers: "Boss de Crosses dans le Doulos"
  4. The Work: "Houdini"
  5. Henry Cow: "Slice"
  6. Henry Cow: "Viva Pa Ubu"
  7. Decibel: "Radio Extract"
Side C
  1. Art Zoyd: "Simulacres"
  2. The Muffins: "Two Extracts from 'Chronometers' "
  3. Heiner Goebbels: "Berlin – Kudamm 12 April 1981"
  4. Amos: "Steer Clear of England"
  5. Conventum: "Commerce Nostalgique"
  6. Hector Zazou: "Vera C"
Side D
  1. This Heat: "Pool"
  2. The Residents: "Walter Westinghouse"
  3. R. Stevie Moore: "Pedestrian Hop" & "Copy Me"
  4. Ron Pate: "I Talk to My Haircut"
  5. Picchio Dal Pozzo: "Uccelin del Bosco"
  6. Robert Wyatt: "The Internationale"

Source: AllMusic,[1] Discogs.[2]

EP track listing[edit]

  1. Peter Blegvad: "Frenzy"
  2. The Homosexuals: "Total Drop"
  3. Faust: "Extract VI from Faust Party Three: 'The Voice of the Pumpkin' "
  4. R. Stevie Moore: "What Are You Looking At" & "Flowers Sleep Into the Night"

Source: Discogs.[3]


In September 2008 Recommended Records released The Recommended Sampler 1982 – 25th Anniversary Edition, a fully remastered (by Bob Drake) reissue of the original double-LP on a double-CD. It coincided with the label's 30th anniversary and included a copy of the very first handwritten Recommended catalogue plus other memorabilia and trivia. The Japanese edition was issued in a replica mini-LP sleeve and included the EP.


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