Red-Eyed Soul

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Red-Eyed Soul
Studio album by World/Inferno Friendship Society
Released 2006
World/Inferno Friendship Society chronology
Just the Best Party
Red-Eyed Soul
Addicted to Bad Ideas

Red-Eyed Soul is the third full-length album from The World/Inferno Friendship Society, a punk band from Brooklyn. The vinyl double-LP contains three extra songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Brother of the Mayor of Bridgewater
  2. The Velocity of Love
  3. Your Younger Man
  4. Only Anarchists Are Pretty
  5. Let's Steal Everything
  6. Annie the Imaginary Lawyer
  7. Me V. Angry Mob
  8. Hothouse Flowers
  9. Paul Robeson
  10. Me & The Mad Monkettes
  11. Please My Favorite Don't Be Sad
  12. Fiend in Wien
  13. Jerusalem Boys
  14. The Devil's Ball
  15. So Long to the Circus

The songs "Leni Riefenstahl At The End Of Time ", "Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures", and "We Will Never Run Into One Another On Trains" appear on the vinyl, but not on the CD.

Relation to previous releases[edit]

"Your Younger Man", "Let's Steal Everything", "Hothouse Flowers", "Me & The Mad Monkettes", "Please My Favorite Don't Be Sad", "Jerusalem Boys", and "The Devil's Ball" were originally found on an unofficial release called A Lexicon of Friends & Enemies, a collection of demos that surfaced on the internet. "Your Younger Man", "Paul Robeson" and "Let's Steal Everything" were also on the band's live album, Hallowmas Live at North Six.

"Brother of the Mayor of Bridgewater", "Me V. Angry Mob", "Paul Robeson", and "Fiend in Wien", as well as the vinyl exclusive tracks "Leni Riefenstahl At The End Of Time " and "Cats Are Not Lucky Creatures", were all on the Me v. Angry Mob EP. "Me V. Angry Mob" was also on that EP, although a different recording of the song was featured.