Red Electoral Alliance

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Red Electoral Alliance
Rød Valgallianse
Leader Torstein Dahle
Founded 1973
Dissolved 2007
Succeeded by Red Party
Headquarters Osterhausgate 27
Youth wing Rød Ungdom
Membership 1,400 (2002)[1]
Ideology Revolutionary socialism
Democratic socialism (from 1991)[2]
Political position Far-left
European affiliation The European Alliance of EU-critical Movements (observer)
International affiliation None
Colours Red
Official Website

Red Electoral Alliance (Bokmål: Rød Valgallianse, Nynorsk: Raud Valallianse, RV) was an alliance of far-left groups formed into a Norwegian political party to promote revolutionary socialism ideals into the Norwegian parliament. The party dissolved itself on 10 March 2007, when it participated in the founding of a new party, Red (Rødt).

Raud Ungdom or Rød Ungdom (Red Youth) was their youth organization.


While it was formed in 1973 as an election front for the Worker's Communist Party (marxist-leninist) (in Norwegian: Arbeidernes Kommunistparti (m-l), AKP(ml)), the Red Electoral Alliance became an independent party in 1991, and after that, it scrapped many Leninist ideas. It remained a revolutionary party that, promoting an ideology based upon Marxism.

From 1993 to 1997, Erling Folkvord represented RV in Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament. In 1997 the party got their highest recorded percentage of votes, with 1.7%. In spite of this, Folkvord lost his seat and no new seats were won.

Torstein Dahle, an economist at Bergen University College, was elected leader in 2003 and re-elected in March 2005. Following the 2005 election it was clear that their work to regain their place in the parliament had failed. They received 1.2% of the national total of votes. It was clear that in order to be represented in parliament, they had to win a large share of votes in Hordaland or Oslo. However their best result was 3.4% in Hordaland.

On 10 March 2007 the party dissolved itself, as it merged with the AKP into a new party, Red, with Dahle as its leader. Due to Norwegian election laws, the name Red Electoral Alliance was kept for the 2007 local elections. The party currently has 57 representatives in town halls nationwide.

Party leaders[edit]

1 Until 1979, the leader of AKP was also the leader of RV.

Parliamentary election results[edit]

Election year # of
overall votes
% of
overall vote
# of
overall seats won
1973 9,360 0.43
0 / 155
1977 14,515 0.63
0 / 155
Steady 0
1981 17,844 0.72
0 / 155
Steady 0
1985 14,818 0.57
0 / 157
Steady 0
1989 *22,139 *0.83
0 / 165
Steady 0
1993 26,360 1.07
1 / 165
Increase 1
1997 43,252 1.67
0 / 165
Decrease 1
2001 30,015 1.18
0 / 165
Steady 0
2005 32,355 1.23
0 / 169
Steady 0

*: In 1989 RV participated in an electoral alliance with other groups called County Lists for Environment and Solidarity.


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