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Redigobius bikolanus(Yaizu,Shizuoka,Japan,2007).jpg
Redigobius bikolanus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Gobiidae
Genus: Redigobius
Herre, 1927
Type species
Gobius sternbergi
H. M. Smith, 1902
  • Cyprinogobius Koumans, 1937
  • Ostreogobius Whitley, 1930
  • Parvigobius Whitley, 1930

Redigobius is a genus of fish in the goby family, Gobiidae, known commonly as dualspot gobies.[1] They are native to the western Indo-Pacific region, where they occur in estuaries and freshwater habitats just above the tidal influence.[2]

Some of these gobies are abundant fish species. The most widespread is the speckled goby (R. bikolanus),[2] which occurs throughout the western Pacific Ocean and from Australia to Africa.[3] Some Redigobius are kept as aquarium pets.[2] The Fijian endemic Lever's goby (R. leveri) is featured on the ten-dollar bill in the 2013 series of Fijian currency.[4]


There are currently 14 recognized species in this genus.[5] In a 2010 revision the genus was reduced to 12 species and two more were described as new.[2]

Species include:


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