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Raigar(Raghuvanshi Clan)
Regions with significant populations



The Raigar (रैगर, Rehghar, Regar [2]) are a social group found in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat and mostly Rajasthan in India. .[3] Mostly originate from an Marwar region so they speak Marwari Rajasthani language. They belong to Raghuvanshi (Sagarvanshi) Kshatriya clan. They follow Hinduism.


Raigars were Raghuvanshi Kshatriyas(रघुवंशी क्षत्रिय) (Warriors) and it establishes that the word ‘Raigar( रैगर)‘ is a corrupted or converted form of the word ‘Raghu’(रघु), Raghu → Ragh → Rag → Ragar → Rahgar/Raghar → Rehgar /Reghar → Raigar/ Raiger/Regar Where, Raghu was the famous Suryavanshi (Suryavanshi) emperor of Ayodhya, whom descendants have been called Raghuvanshi Kshatriyas, who divided into 15 main dynastical branches. One of them, Rag (Raigar) is an old branch. They converse among themselves in Marwari and use the Devanagari script for writing. With others, they speak in the Hindi language. They are mainly non-vegetarians. Wheat is their staple diet. Occasionally they also take Jao, Bajara, Chana and rice. There is a tendency among some of them to become vegetarians under the influence of the Arya Samaj or Radha Soami (Radhasvami) movements. There are three subgroups, namely Sindhi Raiger, Lashkaria Raiger and Raigar.

Present circumstances[edit]

Members of Raigar community have excelled in varied fields of politics, bureaucracy, business etc. Many of the community members are serving in higher bureaucracy such Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Army, and various other government services. Many of the community members have successful political careers as ministers of state as well as union government. Also the community members have a keen acumen in business and trading, leading to some of the community members setting up huge multi million dollar business empires. The Raigar community mostly belongs to Rajasthan Raigar is an ancient Kshatriya clan, a branch among 15 main branches of Raghuvanshi Kshatriyas. It is also a proved fact that the word Regar is an expansion of the word Rag(a corrupt form of the word “Raghu”. Their main clans are the pearl which is top most Suwansiya (Chauhan), Jatoliya (Tanwar), Khatnawaliya (Nawal), Attolia (Attal), Akarniya, Aloriya (Aloria), Aluriya (Aluria), Maslpuriya(Marshal), Rahore,Badiwal, Badoliya (बड़ोलिया), Balotia (Bhatt), Chandoliya (Chandolia), Bokolia (Bakoliya), Badolia,Bohra, Gugdodiya (Gagar), Jabdoliya, Jajoriya, Kandhediya, Kanwariya, Kholiya (Kholia), Hingonia, Raskarniya, Dabariya(Dabi), Suwansia (Chauhan), Doliya, Parsoya (Paras), Jatolia (Tanwar), Pundir, Bhaharwal, Dotania (Dotaniya), Kansotiya (Kansotia), Jajoria, Dherwal, Jaluthriya, Fulwaria (Phulvanshi), Tungariya (Turvesh), Tanwar, Khorwal, Mosalpuria (Mosal), Mohanpuriya, Khatnawaliya (Nawal), Sablania, Soniwal, Nogia, Pingolia (Pingal), Rashgania, Ratawal, Ratwal, Lawadia, Maurya, Digwal (Digarwal), Jaluthariya, Jagarwal, Jagerwal (Jagrit), Jeliya, Khorwal, Kankhediya (Kankheria), Kanwariya, Khedia, Kanwariya, Karadiya (Karadia), Ganolia, Sakarwal (Shakrawal), Sukariya (Sonkaria, Sukariyan), Basetia, Paliya, Peeplipal, Sisodia, Sarsunia, Shersia (Sarsia), Tomar, Bohra, Naraniya, Siwal, Devatwal, Udiniya,Jatwa and Sundariwal,satolia(satoliya).

Their main occupations now are business*, professionals*, jobs*,

Their community is a very cultured and helpful one. 



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