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Ren'ai Dunhua traffic circle, one of the largest traffic circles in the world.
Ren'ai Road looking east.

Ren'ai Road (仁愛路 Rén'ài Lù , also called 3rd Blvd and sometimes spelled RenAi, Renai or Jen-Ai) is a major arterial road in Taipei, Taiwan, connecting the Xinyi District in the east with the Daan and Zhongzheng districts towards the west. Renai Road forms a one-way couplet with Xinyi Road between Guangfu Road and Zhongshan Road, with Ren'ai for westbound traffic and Xinyi for eastbound traffic. Ren'ai Road (along with Dunhua and Zhongshan roads) is known as one of Taipei's more "beautiful" roads, with the heavily landscaped medians dividing the road into local and express lanes. Along with Xinyi Road, Ren'ai Road has a contraflow bus only lane in the middle of the roadway.


Unlike other Taipei arterials, Ren'ai Road does not have directional sections dividing the entire stretch of road, only divided-numbered sections.

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The eastern terminus of Ren'ai Road is designed with unique aesthetic features since the end of the road faces the entrance of Taipei City Hall.

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