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Rerun van Pelt
Peanuts character
Rerun on the back of his mother's bicycle
First appearanceMay 23, 1972 (born and first mention)
March 26, 1973 (official debut)
Voiced byVinnie Dow (1976)
Jason Mendelson (1983-1986) (credited as Jason Muller)
Tim Deters (2002) (as Timmy Deters)
Jimmy Bennett (2003-2006) (credited as James Bennett)
Finn Carr (2016)
Daniel Thornton (2016, as a baby)
Milo Toriel-McGibbon (2019)
FamilyLinus van Pelt (older brother)
Lucy van Pelt (older sister)
Unnamed parents
Blanket-hating grandmother
Marion (aunt)
Felix van Pelt (grandfather)

Rerun van Pelt is Linus and Lucy's younger brother in Charles M. Schulz's comic strip Peanuts. He is named when Lucy van Pelt, his sister, calls the situation (his birth) a 'rerun' of what happened with her brother, Linus van Pelt. Linus decides to name him that.[1]


Rerun started as a minor character in the Peanuts universe, only becoming a main character in the last decade of the comic strip. Rerun was first mentioned in the strip on May 23, 1972, during a storyline in which Lucy threw Linus out of the house only to learn that yet another little brother had just been born.[2]

Initially, toddler Rerun was shown playing cards with an equally confused Snoopy,[3][4]and learning to tie his shoes from Lucy.[5] He was rarely used in the 1980s; by that time, Schulz had run out of ideas about how to use him.[6] By 1996, Rerun had aged to 5 years old and reluctantly entered kindergarten, so he was still younger than the other characters in the Peanuts gang.

In adaptations[edit]


Rerun's animated debut is in the animated television special It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown, and his first major appearance in the strip was adapted in the first produced episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show.[7][unreliable source?] Rerun only made one other appearance in a television special before 2000, Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! from 1986, where his attempts to blow up balloons for the New Year's party ended in failure, as he blew them up as cubes rather than spheres (a scenario adapted from a comic strip story involving Linus from December 1954, when Linus was roughly the same age).[8] Rerun was mentioned, but not seen, in the 1985 special "Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown" when Charlie Brown informed Snoopy that he could not back out of his wedding because Rerun had already been chosen as ring-bearer. Rerun briefly appeared in Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales, and the 2003 animated television special I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown. This episode uses Rerun as its primary character.[7] Rerun's most recent television appearance is in the 2006 television special He's a Bully, Charlie Brown.[7] He was also not seen, let alone mentioned in The Peanuts Movie.

Various actors have voiced the animated Rerun since 1976, including Vinny Dow, Jason Mendelson, Timmy Deters, and Jimmy Bennett.[7]

Voiced by[edit]

  • Vinnie Dow (1976)
  • Jason Mendelson (1983–1986) (as Jason Muller)
  • Tim Deters (2002) (as Timmy Deters)
  • Jimmy Bennett (2003, 2006) (as James Bennett)
  • Finn Carr (2016)
  • Daniel Thornton (2016) as a baby.
  • Milo Toriel-McGibbon (2019)


Neither of the Broadway productions of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and Snoopy! The Musical (aside from a cameo in the animated adaptation) featured Rerun,[9] but various local and regional productions have included Rerun as a character.[10][11][12][13]


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