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Rescale, Inc.
FounderJoris Poort
Adam McKenzie
HeadquartersSan Francisco, California
ProductsCloud computing
Number of employees

Rescale is a software technology company that claims to provide "Intelligent Computing for Digital R&D", with a focus on high-performance computing, cloud management, and computer aided engineering.


Rescale helps organizations across industries accelerate science and engineering breakthroughs by eliminating computing complexity. From supersonic aircraft to personalized medicine, industry leaders bring new product innovations to market with unprecedented speed, agility, and efficiency on the Rescale Platform - an intelligent full-stack automation HPC solution for digital R&D in the cloud. IT leaders use Rescale to deliver high-performance computing as-a-service to their organization by harnessing the power of automation on a hybrid cloud control plane with security, architecture, and financial controls. Design Engineering magazine describes Rescale as "...a good fit for manufacturers who need to run complex simulation and optimization jobs, but don't have the HPC hardware required."[1]

As of 2015, Rescale established the largest globally available HPC network which enables hybrid and multi-cloud operations across major cloud service providers and on-premises data centers.[2] Rescale provides IT and HPC practitioners with access to the latest computing architectures, tuned and optimized for a variety of workloads in industries like Aerospace, Automotive Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Computational genomics, Manufacturing, Electronic design automation, Semiconductor industry, and other computationally intensive science and engineering research.


Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California by Joris Poort (CEO) and Adam McKenzie (CTO), Rescale launched in Y Combinator[3] and has been recognized as a top company multiple times as recently as 2021.[4] The founders, Poort and McKenzie, previously built a software technology stack at Boeing saving the company over $180M through weight improvements on the 787 Dreamliner.[5]


Rescale has received investment funding> from high-profile investors including Sam Altman, Jeff Bezos,[6] Richard Branson, Chris Dixon,[7] Paul Graham, and Peter Thiel.[8][9][10][11] Notable corporate and venture capital investors include Nvidia, M12 (venture capital) arm of (Microsoft), Hitachi, Samsung, Initialized Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz.


Rescale has strategic partnerships with major cloud infrastructure providers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Platform and with engineering software companies in the computer aided engineering space including: ANSYS, AutoForm,[12] Siemens Digital Industries Software,[13] Dassault Systemes[14] and MSC Software.[15]

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