Restricted stations of Line 1, Beijing Subway

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Restricted stations of Line 1
SanjiadianJingmen Railway
SanjiadianFengsha Railway
Towards Sihui East

Beyond Pingguoyuan Station, the terminus that is accessible to the public, there are three other stations on Line 1, Beijing Subway, two of which are located in the Beijing Military Region, therefore rendering them inaccessible to the public.

Fushouling Station (52#/No. 102)[edit]

Fushouling Station.

Fushouling Station (福寿岭站) is actually the third last station of Line 1, Beijing Subway. This station is located near the Metro Drivers' Vocational School. This station is served by public bus no. 311 (which also bypasses Pingguoyuan Station). Of the four entrances/exits, only one is readily accessible. The other three entrances/exits were sealed with cement. Line 1 trains stop by this station a few times per day to allow students (of the Vocational School) and workers to alight. The station was initially planned as the terminus for Line 1. It is included in this old map.

39°56′18″N 116°09′53″E / 39.938272°N 116.164647°E / 39.938272; 116.164647

Gaojing Station (53#/No. 101)[edit]

Entrance to Station No. 53 at Gaojing.

Gaojing Station (高井站), the "second last" station, is located in the Beijing Military Region. There are two side platforms with space for two tracks, one of which (facing Sihui East) has been left unbuilt. A balloon loop is situated at the east side of Gaojing Station.

39°56′54″N 116°08′32″E / 39.948242°N 116.142325°E / 39.948242; 116.142325

Heishitou Station (54#)[edit]

Although officially a defunct railway station (thus having no subway code number), Heishitou Station (黑石头站) is often considered a disused station on Line 1 by the general public, probably due to its location on a disused China Railways military-only branch line which happens to link to line 1. There are two side platforms with space for two tracks. The (unofficial) name of the Heishitou Station is derived from its proximity to the nearby Heishitou Village located in Shijingshan District, Beijing, in the Western Hills. There is a secret bunker-like facility used as an underground command centre by the Chinese military dating back to the 1950s (similar to the Pentagon), thus rendering this part of the Western Hills inaccessible to the public.

Beyond Heishitou Station[edit]

After Heishitou Station, there is a connection to the Sanjiadian station (zh), also located in Beijing's Western Hills.

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