Revolution (The Dubliners album)

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Dubliners Revolution.jpg
Studio album by The Dubliners
Released 1970
Genre Irish folk
Label EMI/Columbia
Producer Phil Coulter
The Dubliners chronology
A Drop of The Dubliners

Revolution is the title of the tenth album by The Dubliners. It was their second to be produced by Phil Coulter. This was a landmark in their career. Their sound had developed and Coulter, as well as playing piano on the record, had brought in other instrumentalists as well. The album featured "Scorn Not His Simplicity", a song that Coulter had composed about his own son, who had Down's syndrome, as well as a poem penned by Luke Kelly entitled "For What Died The Sons Of Róisín?".

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "Alabama '58"
  2. "The Captains and the Kings"
  3. "School Days Over"
  4. "Sé Fáth Mo Bhuartha"
  5. "Scorn Not His Simplicity"
  6. "For What Died the Sons of Róisín?"
  7. "Joe Hill"

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Ojos Negros"
  2. "The Button Pusher"
  3. "The Bonny Boy"
  4. "The Battle of the Somme/Freedom Come-All-Ye"
  5. "Biddy Mulligan"
  6. "The Peat Bog Soldiers"