Revolutionary Communist Party of Côte d'Ivoire

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Revolutionary Communist party of Côte d'Ivoire
Founded Unknown
Ideology Communism
International affiliation International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

The Revolutionary Communist Party of the Ivory Coast (French: Parti Communiste Révolutionnaire de Côte d'Ivoire, PCRCI) is a communist party in Côte d'Ivoire.

Internationally, it participates in the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations, an international network of Communist parties that uphold the line of Enver Hoxha and the Albanian Party of Labour. As such, it is staunchly anti-revisionist.

Its official paper is the Révolution Prolétarienne and from 1990, it has been led by Achy Ekissi.

Its youth wing is the Jeunesse Communiste de Côte d'Ivoire.


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