Rezovo (river)

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Rezovo River
Rezovo, BUL - border with Turkey 2.JPG
The Bulgarian-Turkish border at the Rezovo River mouth
Native nameРезовска река / Mutludere
CountryTurkey, Bulgaria
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationIstranca mountain, Turkey
 ⁃ location
Black Sea, Bulgarian-Turkish border
 ⁃ coordinates
41°58′59″N 28°1′46″E / 41.98306°N 28.02944°E / 41.98306; 28.02944Coordinates: 41°58′59″N 28°1′46″E / 41.98306°N 28.02944°E / 41.98306; 28.02944
Length112 km (70 mi)
Basin size739 km2 (285 sq mi)

The Rezovo (also Rezovska, Rezvaya and Rezve; Bulgarian: Резовска река, Rezovska reka; Turkish: Mutludere) is a river in the extreme southeast of Bulgaria and northernmost part of (European) Turkey. The river is situated in Bulgaria's Strandzha Nature Park.

River basin[edit]

The Rezovo is 112 km long and its source is in the Turkish part of the Strandzha mountains east of Kofçaz in Turkey under the turkish name of Paspalderesi. It generally flows east from Turkey to Bulgaria, and after Paspala village of Kırklareli Province in Turkey becomes a border river between the Turkey and Bulgaria until its mouth in the Black Sea at Rezovo. This location constitutes the southernmost point of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the northernmost point of the Turkish one, as well as the southeasternmost point of Bulgaria and northeasternmost point of Turkish Thrace. The Rezovo's catchment spreads over 739 km², of which 555 km² are in Turkey, and 184 km² in Bulgaria.[1] Its largest tributary is the Velika.[2]

Bulgaria-Turkey riverine border[edit]

The border at the Rezovo's mouth was the subject of a minor territorial dispute between Bulgaria and Turkey, which was settled in the 1990s. As a result of an agreement between the two countries of 6 May 1992 (ratified by Bulgaria in 1998), Bulgaria received a small land area of several square kilometres in the Rezovo Bay in return for water area in the continental shelf.

In 2016, Bulgaria sealed the border with Turkey due to Syrian muslim migrants pouring over from Turkey.[3] Bulgaria and Turkey are members of NATO. Bulgaria is Member of European Union, and Turkey is aspirant [but has been kept out as due to asian and muslims demographics related security and cultural issues]. Bulgaria has Turkic and muslim maniority, which is represented by the "Movement for Rights and Freedoms", but most of Bulgarians are Christians still with residual affinity to Russia.[4] Earlier over few decades over million turks/muslism were expelled who went to Turkey, and remaining were Bulgarianised by Bulgaria.[5] Before that the destruction of the Thracian Bulgarians in 1913 was done by Turkey.

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