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Temporal range: Late Triassic
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Family: Proterochampsidae
Subfamily: Rhadinosuchinae
Genus: Rhadinosuchus
Huene, 1942
  • R. gracilis Huene, 1942

Rhadinosuchus is an extinct genus of proterochampsian archosauriform reptile from the Late Triassic. It is known only from the type species Rhadinosuchus gracilis, reposited in Munich, Germany. The fossil includes an incomplete skull and fragments of post-cranial material. Hosffstetter (1955), Kuhn (1966), Reig (1970) and Bonaparte (1971) hypothesized it to be synonymous with Cerritosaurus, but other characteristics suggest it is closer to Chanaresuchus and Gualosuchus, while it is certainly different from Proterochampsa and Barberenachampsa. The small size indicates it is a young animal, making it hard to classify.[1]

The fossil was collected at the Sanga 6 site (part of the Santa Maria Formation), in Santa Maria, Paleorrota, Brazil. It was collected by Friedrich von Huene in 1938. The remains are dated to the Triassic Period. [2]


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