Rhynchosia minima

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Rhynchosia minima
Rhyncosia minima.jpg
Rhyncosia minima
Scientific classification
R. minima
Binomial name
Rhynchosia minima

Rhynchosia minima is a species of flowering plant in the legume family known by the common names least snout-bean, burn-mouth-vine, and jumby-bean.[1] It can be found on every continent.[2] It is naturalized in Hawaii.[3]

This perennial herb has twining or trailing stems which can reach 1.2 meters in length. The leaves are made up of three leaflets measuring up to 3[4] to 3.5 centimeters long.[5] The inflorescence is a raceme of up to 15 flowers. The flowers are yellow with purple or brown veining and measure up to 8 millimeters long. The fruit is one or two centimeters long.[4][5]

This common plant is used as animal forage.[4][2]


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