Richard Browne (died 1604)

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Sir Richard Browne (ca. 1538 – 1604), of Horsley, Essex and later of Sayes Court, Deptford, Kent, was an English politician.

He was a younger son of John Browne of Colchester, Essex and trained in the law at either the Inner or Middle Temple. He was knighted in 1603.

He was a Member (MP) of the Parliament of England for Lichfield in 1584, Newtown (Isle of Wight) in 1593, Cirencester in 1601 and Harwich in 1604.

He accompanied the Earl of Leicester on his expedition to the Netherlands in 1585 as victualler of his forces. He was appointed the Clerk of the Green Cloth in 1588, was a clerk comptroller of the Household by 1596 and Master of the Household and cofferer from 1603 to his death. He was a justice of the peace of the quorum for Middlesex by 1600.

He married Joan, the daughter of John Vigors of Langham, Essex, and had at least one son, Christopher. They later lived at the 200 acre Sayes Court estate which he leased from the Crown. His grandson Richard was created a baronet.


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