Richard Herbert of Coldbrook

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Sir Richard Herbert (d. 1469) of Coldbrook Park, near Abergavenny was a 15th-century Welsh knight, and the lineal ancestor of the Herberts of Chirbury.

He was the son of William ap Thomas of Raglan Castle and Gwladys ferch Dafydd Gam, and the brother of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke. He married Margaret, sister of Sir Rhys ap Thomas.[1] They had two sons: Sir William Herbert of Coldbrook, and Sir Richard Herbert of Powys.[2] His great-grandson, Edward Herbert, was raised to the peerage in 1629.

Like his brother, he was a supporter of the House of York during the Wars of the Roses. He fought alongside his brother at the Battle of Edgecote Moor (a Lancastrian victory), where he was captured and executed. He is interred with his wife at Abergavenny Priory, near other members of his family.[3]