Ricochet Gathering

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Ricochet Gathering
GenreElectronic music,
Location(s)Okefenokee Swamp, various
Years active2000-present
CapacityRicochet Gathering

Ricochet Gathering is a unique collaboration event for electronic music. This name applies to the event and also the group of musicians involved in the event, where a group of musicians and a usually small group fans gather at unique locations throughout the world. The event happens approximately once each calendar year. The first gathering occurred at the Okefenokee Swamp in April 2000. Each gathering event has a theme tied to the Berlin School of electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream.

Electronic Music and Beyond...[edit]

The type of music that is created at these event varies from old-style retro Berlin School to new contemporary electronic music (EM). Musicians and fans usually have to make an effort to reach the exotic locations. Once there, the setting and atmosphere allows fans and musicians to live in a communal setting for a few days (usually a week) to inspire/create/enjoy electronic music. All music created at each event is live, unrehearsed, and improvised - and captured in one take...

Chronology of Music Events[edit]

The music at and by the Ricochet Gathering is recorded and eventually published by the Ricochet Dream music label, which is dedicated to releasing music from this event and its associated musicians. Vic Rek is the producer of these events and the music released on Ricochet Dream EM label. He also coined the term "Electronic Woodstock" when he was preparing for the Poland 2004 event, even though the published slogan was "Elektronika u Rolnika", which means "Electronics at the Farm" in Polish. Complete details about the Ricochet Gathering music and releases are cataloged in the Discogs music database.

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