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The Right to Dream Too camp in Portland, Oregon

Right 2 Dream Too (known to locals as R2D2)[1] is a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon. The organization, known for establishing a homeless camp on private property in October, 2011 in downtown Portland (Northwest Fourth Avenue and West Burnside; adjacent to the paifang of Old Town Chinatown), is supported by Right 2 Survive, another Portland-based organization that "works to empower and inform the homeless population".[2][3][4] The organization has received praise from Portland's former mayor, Charlie Hales, who stated in October, 2013, "This unique community is doing valid work in a special way that no government agency ever thought of."[5]

Camp organization[edit]

Right 2 Dream Too's location is just right of the NW 4th and Burnside Street entrance to Old Town Chinatown

The camp has a 24-hour security desk at its entrance, which is manned by camp residents.[4][6] Sleeping bags used by the camp's populace are laundered weekly.[6] Rules that govern the encampment include no violence, alcohol or other drugs, and forms of discrimination are also not allowed.[4]

Possible camp relocation[edit]

In 2013, the organization and Portland city officials developed tentative plans to move the homeless camp to a city-owned parking lot under the Broadway Bridge in Portland's Pearl District.[4][6][7] Additional locations for the camp's relocation have also been considered by the organization and city officials.[6][7] Business and neighborhood leaders in the Pearl District have fought in opposition against the proposed Pearl District move.[8]

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